Tuesday, 29 December 2015

2016. The Year I Will.

... do something.  Something good.  For sure. Hopefully.

I am not terribly *good* at keeping New Year's resolutions (as evidenced here), but I love the IDEA of them.  

I know. I know. I've seen the studies, the bravado, the diet plans, the gym memberships...

I know resolutions generally fail... but I also know that real change happens one step at a time and I love the idea of a fresh start. 

Speaking of breaking resolutions, I've been working on consistency in a few areas of my life, like fitness and healthy food choices.

I had a GREAT first round of the 21 Day Fix and then... December.

Okay. I think you get the general idea...

So today marks the beginning of round 2.1 (2.0 was a bust). Unless I want this to be the 210 Day Fix, I apparently have to continue on with this whole fitness business.

Why is it so hard to be consistent? I actually LIKE exercising. I like the added energy and strength... but I like candies and being lazy too. You self-disciplined people out there... I despise you. I also want to be you. Working on it.

Lately, I've also been haunted affected by the idea of decisions turning into direction and I want to be intentional in my daily choices.

As Lysa TerKaurst says, “The decisions you make determine the schedule you keep. The schedule you keep determines the life you live. And how you live your life determines how you spend your soul.” 

So no big deal then... Gulp. 

BUUUUUT, I also want to laugh about it and not beat myself up about every little thing. 

Okay. That's enough quotes now.

Plus, January 1st isn't just a new year, it also happens to be my birthday, so maybe that's why it feels like a good time for me to look forward and find some wrinkle cream set some intentional direction for the year ahead.

When I'm home with my little ladies, I am more productive with my time if I am deliberate about what I want to focus on or get done. Without a plan or some sort of structure, I tend to get lazy and a little bored or even down. 

HOWEVER, with too strict a plan, I tend to get stressed out. I either fixate on it or give up entirely. I'm a lazy perfectionist. An enthusiastic beginner with terrible stick-to-it-ness.  

Yet another glowing personal resume.

This year, I've noticed a lot of people scaling back their resolutions to one word for the coming year. An ideal to permeate all parts of life like JOY or PEACE or SERVE. 

I immediately resolved to purposefully incorporate the theme SLEEP into my days, but that seems a little outside my control right now, so...

So for 2016?

Less is More.

... and not JUST because I'm lazy.  

Note: This may seem like a blog post you've already read, but bear with me. 

Since our family has a short-term move coming up in July, I think it's a solid time to REDUCE. 

Anyone need some junk?? We're scaling WAY back in the next few months. Look out, Goodwill. You've been warned.
Oh. Make yourself at home, GIANT unicorn. Le sigh. Any ideas for a toddler LIE story of HOW THIS GETS LOST ONE DAY?

It's also high time I incorporated some of my values into my actual life and knowing I'm going to be home with my girls for the next school year, it seems like a good time for less stress and more fun.

There are two thousand a few areas of my life in which I'm going to try to incorporate less is more this year and yup, BLOG ABOUT IT. 

Hey, if it's a train-wreck, it'll be an entertaining one. 

I guess the most obvious goal under the LESS category is going to be MONEY. It turns out life is pricey and with one of us probably not working next year (me) and a move coming up, it'll be even more expensive. So most of the following categories are going to be as budget friendly as possible.  If you've got ideas, I am all ears!!

But really, in 2016, I want to say less, spend less, do less, stress less, rush less, and consume less. 
  I want to enjoy more, listen more, be present more, hear more, laugh more, read more, learn more, and be more. 

Speaking of *saying* less, here are a few of the 'F' words I might be blogging about in the 'less' category this year:


Less accumulating (Okay, less spending). Less in general (downsizing, capsule wardrobing, THIS IS FORESHADOWING). More creativity and deliberate planning.


Less sitting around. More fun. Getting outside. Exploring. Trying some new things. Working on a consistently healthy shell and a healthier outlook.


Less talking. More listening. More follow-through. Less fear. Less grumbling. More grace.

Family & Friends.  

Less talking. More listening. Hmm. Let's just assume that should be first in every category. Focusing on building relationships. Enjoying every day (mostly) with my little ladies in this stage of life.

Well, that's not daunting at all...

Actually, it's not, because I am excited for the year ahead. 

Less Fear. More Fun.

Less Stress. More Freedom.

Join me? 

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  1. YES less IS more.... I need to incorporate that into my goals for 2016 (which I'm still working on).
    happy new years pretty lady!! I have to say, even though I've been a shitty reader as of late, I'm super happy to have found your blog in 2015!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

    1. Aww thanks! I am so glad to have found you through Deena. Parallel lives from afar! Thanks Shaunacey!

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