Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christmas Like a Child

So in our family, Christmas is a kind of a big deal because we get pretty excited about the earthly arrival of God

Seriously guys. Whoa. 

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And, no matter how many twinkling lights and bedecked halls are glistening and how much falalala-ing is happening (which I must say, I can definitely get behind)...

I don't want to get distracted from the real story. 

The most humble, messy, dirty beginning for a Saviour. 

A scandalous knocked-up Mary labouring in a barn.

If you can't buy into religion, fair enough. People are letdowns. I know because I'M people and I'm a letdown on a fairly regular basis.  

So forget about people. Look into Jesus.

I'm sure you've done your research and I'm not here to convince you. 

I'm here to remind ME.  

To remind myself that nowhere else in life is the gaping hole inside that says More More More filled. 

The food doesn't fill it. 
The experiences don't fill it. 
The shoes don't fill it. 
Being awesome doesn't fill it (whew. Because no go)
The kids sure don't fill it. 

And I can't fill it myself.

Nowhere else in life do I hear: 

You can't do it, but I've got you. 
I know you. 
I made you.  
I've got you.

Advent is Love come down. 

Advent is God coming to me saying, "Stop striving to be good enough." 

Advent is Him doing the work FOR me. 

Saying, "Here is a new heart. Live in that freedom." 

If you don't believe me, I dare you to take Him up on it.


This Christmas, I am getting to experience the glitter, the decorations, the fun, AND the real story through the eyes of my two-year-old.

It's so much fun.  

I know I poke fun at everything parts of parenting, (#SilentNight. Every mom's Christmas list), but watching my toddler express wonder at the world around her?

Through play. Through chatting with friends and family. In general enthusiasm.

Being a mom is like having front row seats to the best show ever. 

And kids get it. These guys are SMART

When's the last time you picked up an entire language in two years?

This year, Emily's been playing with her Little People's Nativity Set (while Gabrielle gnaws on camels) and when she acts out the Christmas story, my favourite part is the 'Scary Angel Monster' that greets the shepherds. 

Think about it. Rough, unkempt, un-showered, itinerant workers were likely not "easy-scaring" folk.

I picture the angels appearing to them probably being more this...

than this (but what do I know? I wasn't there).

Scary Angel Monsters. Like I said, kids get it. Usually more than us.  

So this year, the kids and I are still going to take all the pictures, eat all the chocolate, and maybe even attempt the Santa moment (verdict's still out)...

Wonder is the beginning of wisdom. -Socrates

but today, I'm sitting down quietly to wonder at the light of that one bright star and the enormity of this great Love that came down so small at Christmas.  

And because she always says it better... these words from Ann Voskamp:

The Light never comes how you expect it. It comes as the unlikely and unexpected —straight into Bethlehem unlikely and the feed trough hopeless, and Christmas whispers there is always hope. It doesn’t matter how dark the dark is; a light can still dawn. 
And once the light of Christ shatters your dark, shadows forever flee your shadowlands. There’s no going back and living in the dark; you live in the impenetrable, safe Light of light, and Christmas never ends for you. A Christian never stops living Christmas.
True, you cannot light Christmas —because it’s Christmas that lights you.

Joyeux Joyeux Noël. 


  1. Beautiful post and exactly what I needed and was trying to get into words for my post tomorrow. I may just link here instead ;)
    You are such a blessing.
    Shoes to Shiraz

    1. Thank you so much, friend! I think the biggest compliment is someone saying, "me too," if that makes sense. You are such an encourager.

  2. love this. I'll admit, compared to the (vast) majority of my blog-friends, I"'m not overly religious. Spiritual, yes, believe in God, yes, but I don't worship like others... having said that, I could strangely relate to this, and not even just the part about kids (though that a lot too). Thank you for sharing the reason for the season!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

    1. Thank YOU for sharing that. For realz. Yes. I think there are a lot of trappings and systems that can be hard to buy into, but the important stuff is a matter of the heart, so I am so glad you can relate, regardless of how you worship!


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