Monday, 14 December 2015

Let it Snow

Maycee. The littlest bear.

Who knew I would ever be wishing for a white Christmas? 
Today's My Sister's Closet post is short and sweet, kinda like my sister...  

Yes. I'm sucking up. I have a few holiday parties coming up and I need to borrow a dress. 

Her exquisite loveliness is only surpassed by the gorgeous weather we've been experiencing here on the Canadian prairies. 

If winter normally looked like this, we'd have never had depressing classic Canadian literature like The Painted Door, The Forest, Wild Geese... Need I go on? I have at least depressed all the language arts teachers out there. 

As for me and my house (see what I did there? No. You're not a nerdy Canadian English teacher), we've been getting out into the winter wilds as much as possible while it lasts. 

On this festive tramp around the dog park, Emma's rocking a comfy and cute winter outfit. We both own this Aldo tuque and I've got to say, I am loving camel coloured accessories. The neutrals are catching my eye this season, especially when paired up together in cozy layers.
Oh hello there.
We're all about the boots. 

You know I love Sorel, but another fantastic winter brand is Helly Hansen. Emma's are similar to these in the whiskey colour but are from last year. I've been waiting for these ones to go on sale... January is my birth month.

OKAY. We have a boot problem, but if you spent time outside or at the rink with the kids? Justifiable. 

Christmas is coming!

Plus, we have a little boutique just outside of Saskatoon in Warman (Clothing Obsession) with incredible sales and fantastic service.  

They are absolutely enablers of the boot problem.

Moving on. 

Emma's coat is a down-filled little number from 686 she found on sale at White Elephant in Saskatoon. Some brand names are worth the money especially for a coat you'll wear for numerous seasons (like spring, summer, fall... Right Canadians?? Just kidding. Sort of.

... but if you can find brand names at an outlet store? 

Merry Christmas to you.
"Why do I let my sister photograph me?"

Emma's jeans are Silver Suki Mid Slim Boot Cut in a medium wash and even though Silver carries a lot of lengths, we usually go a little longer. We vertically challenged gals are lucky the big cuffs are in. Wear your jeans with a wide cuff for your outdoor hike (tip: cuffing boot-cut jeans turns them into straight-leg jeans) or add the length for date night with a saucy pair of heels

So stay toasty warm, look adorable, and go outside. I've got about a pan and a half of nanaimo bars to work off... 

If you don't know what nanaimo bars are, don't click here and then make them. 

I warned you...

but to be fair, presenting a plate of these with the credit card bill might make that new boot purchase go down a little easier. 


Happy Monday!


  1. Ugh- damn nanaimo bars. I bought a box at M&M 2 weeks ago and have slowly been having one here or there. Well, the box is done and then I accidentally looked at the nutritional stuff and SHIT- workouts begin today.

    1. Yes. Between the sweets and the sick kids and the no sleep. Oh I need to rustle up some serious motivation. Back to the 210 day fix...

  2. nanaimo bars are my most favourite thing... ever.
    We have no snow here yet which is weird and strangely sad to me... we had better get some before Christmas!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

    1. So so good but so so bad. Yes, we have barely any either! I won't complain too much about that...


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