Monday, 30 November 2015

21 Day Fix: Round One Results

So it's been three whole weeks.

Here's what's been happening:

1. I cut out obvious sweets.
Like dessert, candy, juice, wine, ice cream (what? Ice cream deserves its own category). 

I DID still eat some sugar like flavoured yogurt, fruit, bread, etc. 

My motto is
Keep it simple and small changes still count.
This helped me accomplish some goals and not kill everyone around me.

2. I vaguely tracked my calories.
(+500 for breastfeeding), macro-nutrients (40% protein, 30% carbs, 30% fat), and exercise with MyFitnessPal.

3. I followed the 21 Day Fix Exercise Plan:
Mostly. My sister and I would do one to two of the workouts, five evenings a week. It's half an hour per workout, then you're done. Doable. Even for me.  

I also like running and tried to get in one run a week outside for about an hour.

Questions I've been asking myself:


Overall, I stuck to my no-sweets guns and felt like I ate in a lot more healthy manner. 

I feel a lot better emotionally.  
More lucid (maybe exiting brand-new baby fog?), more energy, and more stable. Satisfied. Not raw and "hangry". I am craving junk food less and trying to be conscious of my reasons behind wanting to stuff my face with chocolate. 

I feel much stronger. 
I like running and started again at 4 weeks postpartum but my core wasn't back to normal. Since doing the 21 Day Fix, my back doesn't hurt, my running endurance and stance have improved, and no more jiggling.
I really notice this chasing my two-year old and constantly carrying my snuggly baby. 

I feel slimmer. 
Whenever I do any kind of strength training I usually bulk up, especially in my legs (thanks, years of soccer!).
However, Autumn's program is geared toward all my bulky bits (thighs, arms, waist, butt). I am fitting jeans that I haven't worn comfortably in two years. Not the most important part, but a nice side benefit. Even though I am proud of what my body can do (hello, two amazing little humans), I still have an idea of how I would like to look in a bathing suit. 
Don't get me wrong. I'll be on the beach either way and two kids mean some permanent body changes, but it's a bonus to hopefully wear some swimsuits that haven't seen the sun for quite a while.

I freed up some mental memory. 
I have more time to think about other things. The preoccupation with food or not eating food has lessened for me overall, which means I can spend more time thinking other thoughts, concentrating on the people around me, and generally enjoying life more. 

Stupid jellybeans.

This last week has been the hardest for me to stick to eating healthy options and to be consistent with my exercise. I've been REALLY tired with a baby that doesn't sleep and I made a few mistakes:

1. I bought Christmas candy for the rest of the household because "I'm above all that now."
This resulted in me stress eating a bowl of jelly beans when my four-month old wouldn't stop screaming at the end of a very long day. 

Turns out, having triggers DIRECTLY in front of me? Not the greatest idea.

2. I willfully chose to have some wine with friends and to eat two pieces of an incredibly scrumptious lemon cheesecake a friend brought over.  

There's nothing wrong with this at all, except that I had set myself the goal of NOT doing this. 

Both of these situations ended with me having a headache and craving sugar again. Hmm.

3. I have this idea of a NUMBER on the scale that I need to shake. 
Do you ever feel like this? So silly. I feel stronger, better, fitter, and fantastic. Why on earth do I fixate on the number on the scale (which fluctuates anyway!!)? It's a problem with my mindset that I have to address every week. Muscle weights more than fat and the way I feel and how my body acts is much more important than an arbitrary digit. 

So, now, at the end of three weeks, I can either say:
Wow, I feel defeated. I failed in my goal. Look, I screwed up and it wasn't even that long of a time...

Look at the changes I've made and how much stronger and healthier I feel overall. 99% of the time, I made good choices. I can't believe the difference in how I feel when I am making these conscious decisions to improve my own health.

Even though I have an "all is lost" nature, I'm working on Option B. (Talking it out makes Option A seem a TAD silly)

Is it sustainable?
Yes, but I will be adding back in sweets in moderation in social settings... except I need to decide my limits beforehand (like for that tiny little holiday coming up in December...). 

For example, tonight I'm going to have a glass of wine and a piece of dessert. Brain processes it. Okay. That's cool. As opposed to, I WILL NOT INDULGE AT ALL... Oops, glass of wine, might as well eat the whole dessert...   

Might be kind of bizarre, but remember, I'm a food toddler. I need limits. 

The food part has been a lot harder for me than the exercise part. The exercise feels like a normal part of my routine now and I actually kind of enjoy it. 

Plus there's this... 
Quotes like these are why I unfollowed Autumn on Instagram... Okay, I didn't. I just grumbled about it.

So, here are my stats from November 10th and today, November 30th.

Stats as of November 10, 2015 and today, November 30, 2015   
Height: 5'3"          Still 5'3" Unfortunately, no change. Not a bit taller. Weird.
Weight: 131 lbs     125.7 lbs   
Chest: 36"              34"
Right Arm: 11"      10"
Left Arm: 11"        10"
Waist: 32"               28"
Hips: 36"                35"
Right thigh: 23"      21"
Left thigh: 22"        20.5"
Total inches: 171.   158.5

So, even after eating half a pizza this evening and a few sugary slips, I lost 5.3 lbs and 12.5 inches in three weeks. I have especially noticed my core tightening up postpartum (my waist measured at the belly button level went down 4 inches). 

I would absolutely recommend the 21 Day Fix to other new moms for the core strength and toning in under half an hour a day.

Round Two of the 21 Day Fix starts tomorrow, December 1st. I'll be working out consistently, tracking my calories as mentioned, and limiting my sugar intake. 



  1. Totally nedd go make exercise a priority for myself. Love the quote.

    1. That Autumn. Always hitting home with the quotes. It's hard!! You can do it!

  2. Way to go Abbie! You look fantastic! Ps I love reading your's my go-to during night feeds!

    1. Merci la belle!! I appreciate the encouragement and I am sure you look FANTASTIC! Can't wait to see you in person in the near future!


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