Wednesday, 9 December 2015

21 Day Fix- Round Two, Week One

You know the song Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I've updated it.

Toffees call. Hear them crinkling. 
In the drawer, chips are rustling.
Another sleepless night,
Eat everything in sight.
Chomping in a winter candy land.

That just about sums up week one of Round Two of my 21 Day Fix journey. 

Don't worry. I won't let my incredible song writing talent distract me from the rest of life.

Two steps forward and all that.

So this week was full of runny noses, projectile vomit, and long sleepless nights. So. Tired.

However, turns out that's what parenthood looks like (earmuffs, non parents. IT'S WON-DER-FUL), so time to finish up my pity party and face the facts. If I don't want this to turn back into the 210 Day Fix, then that whole seven days of eating and rest has got to be over.

We did get in two evening workouts and a great day of cross-country skiing

Photo cred: The Lost Girl's Guide to Finding the World
Sist-ahs! Emma's letting me wear her mitts because I am a whiny baby.

Nom nom nom all the sweets.

/  /  /  /

So, last night my sister and I got back on the fitness train. She's been HOUNDING and hounding me to purchase the 21 Day Fix Extreme workout DVDs... because APPARENTLY me working out in HER basement with HER weights and HER purchased fitness programs may come off a little moochy? Sisterly love. Whatever. 

On an unrelated note, we tried two 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts last night because we had amnesia about how hard the regular program was we were peppy from not doing any exercise for days.

So hard. Like so hard that we could not physically do it. I don't think we're wimps, but wow. We decided to do pilates because it's supposed to be all relaxing and stuff. For example, 35 minutes of pilates only burns 75 calories ACCORDING TO MY FITNESS PAL. Lies. Yes. I'm indignant.

Here's Emma, unable to unbend from her tension bands.

"I'm stuck. No. Seriously."

I am rolling on the floor (6 calories) and laughing hysterically (4 calories) and unable to even try the maneuver. 

So, I think we're going to stick with the regular 21 Day Fix program for now and maybe throw in an extreme when we're delusional up to it. 

Pride in check. 

Food back in check. 

Sigh. Stress eating celery is just not as much fun. Crunch Crunch.  

14 more days of round 2 to go. 

I know some of you ladies have hopped back on the fitness train or powered it up a notch.

Are your journeys going better? 

Let me know. I need some inspiration.


  1. Abbie your posts just get more and more hilarious!! I laugh out loud at them! :D

  2. One day this week I went for a riverbank walk and blogstormed with a lovely friend. That was exercise and steps for my Fitbit and good for my soul.

    1. YES! It was awesome to hang out. I should have included that in my exercise. It was too enjoyable to count as exercise.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I haven't done much at all lately... I've been feeling bad about that so now I'm doing squats while I try and bounce Oliver to sleep 5X a day. I started yesterday and my butt was actually sore today. oh the shame.
    If I did a real workout, I'd probably die.

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

    1. A. That sounds like real exercise. That is a LOT of squatting.
      B. Darn you for looking that good without working out. Friends off.


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