Monday, 7 December 2015

Photos or Pho-nos. Am I the Only One?

In case you haven't noticed, I love to photograph my children. 

However, sometimes I get these grand ideas in my head that I can ACTUALLY take pictures.

You know, like a real photographer. 

And once in a while, they turn out nicely.  
Awww. Emily. So small.

But other times... Lately, I decided I want to take some Christmas photos of my kids. 

Real photographers, does this make you want to bang your heads against walls? 

I'm sorry. I bow down to your talent. 

Kristin Neufeld Photography. AMAZING!!
Dudes, she is a freaking genius. I cannot do this. 

Like, so terrible. Check this out. 

Gabrielle: Why, sister?    Emily: It will be over soon.
Emily: Your bumbo chair is messing this up.     Gabrielle: Um, no. It's your enormous blanket.
Emily: Seriously. Learn to sit up.    Gabrielle: I'm four months old, okay?
Ah well. These are the moments.

 Or you know, there's THIS adorable idea...

Shared on Pregnant Chicken by Meggin Jackson
If I defuse this bomb, maybe she'll let me out of the corner...
DROOL on the electrical lights!
Nathan: That seems safe.
Step One: Rid myself of this shiny net. Step Two: Hurl myself out of this ridiculous chair. Step Three: Find my pyjamas.

Smaller lights? Better lighting? Someone who can operate a camera? Who knows.

Might be time to save my pennies for a photo session... or maybe I'll add it to my list for Santa.

"I'm willing to consider all reasonable requests."

You win some. You lose some.


  1. ha! But at least you tried. I want to take some pretty pictures now but my silly camera won't work.

    1. I really really tried! Bah. One of my friends is taking pity on me. Round 2 next week!

  2. bahahahahahah I LOVE this. I bought a new camera and keep thinking I'll do xmas pics... then I remember how cooperative my children were for our Christmas pics with the actual photographers and decide to try next year.

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

    1. Dooooo it. I dare you! Hey, you braved Santa. I'm still in awe.


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