Saturday, 28 November 2015

Choose Your Winter Series


If you've been following my little adventures of late, you'll know that I am trying to turn my winter hate into winter love

 I've been getting back into shape and I want to enjoy being active, even in the polar northern climate (Saskatchewan! Say that five times fast) in which I exist live. 

This winter, I'm going to be sharing a few of my little winter hacks (under the tab Choose Your Winter) that make my life easier in the bitter cold. 

I have said over and over that I have zero credibility when I share fashion advice, but WINTER? Oh friends. I have survived thirty-two Canadian winters. If that ain't an impressive resume, I don't know what is...

Some of these winter life hacks may be more useful for moms... like this little baby:  Make My Belly Fit coat extender
Emily has interesting ideas on proper sled sitting etiquette.
 ... but most of them are just for anyone wanting to pretend like -40 is fun.  

I'd also eagerly take any advice or suggestions on this front. Let's gather to huddle for heat our ideas. 

You in?



  1. Replies
    1. We'll see how long it lasts... My wine stays cold outside. That's good.

  2. I also haaaaaaaaate winter!!!! I hear you on hibernating and carb loading all winter long!!!!!

    1. Seriously. Shall we move to Hawaii and start a colony?


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