Saturday, 21 November 2015

A Breath of Fresh Air

My lunch. Yum.

Today was a good day.  

Yesterday I read this honest straightforward post from Shaunacey about the importance of self care and it hit home for me. Click on that there link. Can you relate?

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I love my little ladies and while the adjustment to motherhood round one  ("I am leaving BY MYSELF RIGHT NOW!" Ten minutes later... "I'm lonely.") was a learning curve...

so far, I've found adding baby number two to the family a little easier of a transition than the first time (knock on wood)...

Maybe because my personal space was already non-existent?
"Mom! Mom? Do you know I'm out here?"

Or maybe because I have better supports and coping mechanisms in place. 

I'll be talking a little more about what helps me survive thrive as a mom in the next while, but one thing that works for me (and maybe everyone else) is getting out for a relaxing day SANS kids and spending time with kindred spirits who encourage and challenge me. 

Today was that kinda day.

First, I enjoyed a lazy morning with my favourite people. 

Then, I met one of my best friends for a goooood long talk with a side of delicious lunch. Yum.

and a wander around the Broadway area of Saskatoon.


On the way home to feed the baby and hang out with my man for a few hours,  I cranked some Brandi Carlile and this song, which has been speaking to me lately. 

AND our kids obviously knew it was the perfect day because they did the unicorn tandem nap. Napping at the same time. Beautiful. Unheard of. 
I see we are at an impasse.

Next, I got to head out to a wine and food tasting with another great friend and her posse. 

Slight hiccup... (Okay, spit up) on outfit #1...

Outfit #2.

 "Take the picture! I'm outta here!"

All followed by a relaxing evening of great conversation and eats. Ahhh. I'm a person again. 

Note:  I will have you know that although I caved for the first time in two weeks and had a glass of wine (on my 'no sweets November' list), I did resist a plethora of scrumptious desserts at TWO incredible restaurants so I'm counting this a win.

Full update on the fitness journey coming soon!

So there. The internet said it. It must be true.

Whatever fills you up, I hope you sneak a breath of fresh air into your life this week. 


  1. You and I need to meet up for an afternoon stroll. How does next week look for you?

  2. okay that pic of you wearing the carrier, pure awesome-ness!!! the look on both your faces makes me happy!
    omg, my toddler rarely naps for me so the tandem napping unicorn really is illusive... but on the few occasions it's happened, I've been tempted to bust out the wine lol I swear I didn't.

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy


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