Thursday, 26 November 2015

Choose Your Winter ... Jacket.

Last year, Nike had an entire campaign about getting outside (or wearing Nike outside?) 

in the winter and I love their slogan. 

Choose Your Winter.

Oh hey, snow...   Wel-come?

I always start winter all cinnamon candles, hot apple cider and rosy cheeks. Then, somewhere around January, I end up in the fetal position, eating pasta with ice cream sauce.

Well... no apple cider this month and this year, I'm DETERMINED to ENJOY (not just endure) winter. 

So, let's talk about style that'll make you want to go outside.

Hmmm... We've already established that I have a boot problem... What's next? 


Jackets are the best part of fall. If you live in a cooler climate, there is no better way to pretend to be dressed than to throw on a cute jacket and a pair of boots. Pants also recommended.

Even though it's getting frigid slightly crisp here in Saskatoon, Canada, I am not quite ready to get out the parkas and dress coats. Before I give in to mother nature, I'm going throw on a cozy sweater and get the last few weeks of use out of my jackets. 

Here are a few of my old faithfuls, in order from autumn afternoons to prairie winters:

Banana Republic Jacket and apparently a Baby Gap ad.
I love the button details, bright colour, and cut of this jacket. I just keep on wearing it, year after year.   

TIP: If you're looking for a jacket that can outlast one season, pick a unique colour or cut that's not too close to all the IT jackets so it won't go out of style next year.

Wrap jacket - Jack
I found this jacket two years ago on clearance at Dutch Growers Fashion in Saskatoon. It's become one of my favourite layers. The stripes of burgundy, beige, green, mustard yellow, blue and black make me feel less Joseph's Technicolour Dream Coat and more I can pair this with anything!

TIP: Wrap jackets are extra handy for when you wear a few layers or gain a few pounds after Thanksgiving... amiright, American friends??

Blue plaid button-up jacket- Billabong
I love this coat. I found it at Plato's Closet, a consignment store in Saskatoon. It's comfy cozy and I feel that plaid never really goes out of style, but I'm Irish, so I just claim it's my heritage. Sorry for the infant impeding a full-on view. Imagine buttons. 

TIP: If you love it and you're going to wear it, who cares if it is "IN" right now?... Just be sure to run it past a style buddy you trust.   Enough said, really. Time for a new style adviser.

AHEM. Anyway, while the last three jacket have held up well for a few seasons, I'm never against adding to the fold. The more the merrier! Alas, my husband doesn't share this opinion.

Still, sometimes I come across a deal I just can't pass up. Like this last week in Superstore. Hey, I was there to get my kids' passport pictures taken and... oops.

Selfie face. It's a real problem affecting women in mirrors everywhere. Yikes.

Slight confession... 


This jacket is Joe Fresh (duh, I love Joe Fresh), but it's... ummm... Joe Fresh Kids. 

No, I'm not stealing all the children's clothing, but if you are flat-chested petite and under a size six, you might just want to take a wander through the kids' section of some brands. They go up to an XL, which can sometimes work as a women's XS or S. 

Sometimes they are so obviously cut for kids that they won't work, but once in a while, they fit just right and kids' clothes are way cheaper and pretty darn cute.

NOTE: Considering I'm breastfeeding and officially an enormous B cup and still fit a kids' XL, I have finally given up all hope of being chesty.

So, now that you know all my weird little secrets (and why I'm eyeing up your fourteen year old daughter's shirt), here's how I'm styling my fancy new jacket. At the dog park. 

Everything about this post is just so sophisticated.

Lumberjack Chic. Do you see any trees? Exactly. Thanks, lumberjacks... or native prairie grasses.
Tuque: Aldo  Jacket: Joe Fresh kids   Boots: Sorel  Jeans: Mavi  Mitts: Old, sheepskin

Squinting into the sun so I don't see your judgy eyes.
Off to scoop dog poop conquer the world.

So, if you have a few dollars rattling around in your purse and the energy to peruse some Black Friday deals, maybe consider a fun new fall jacket!

TIP: If you can't find a new coat or don't have the money to spring for one right now, look around the stores to see which colours are in this year and jazz up your accessories. A new scarf, winter hat, or mittens are inexpensive ways to make your old jacket pop... and maybe save you from having to brush your hair. 

One black jacket, innumerable combos.

Here are a billion selfies to demonstrate. 
Hats: Grey & Black/white: Joe Fresh, Beige & Cream Headband: Aldo, Navy Patterned Tuque: Some trendy brand I don't know (logo: A) I'm so hip with these kids nowadays, Purple headband: ShepStitched Clothing

Happy Thanksgiving, American friends! 

Happy winter, Canadians. Get those Christmas lights up, eh?


  1. I LOVE Joe Fresh and I love having a selection of jackets for winter. I need to remember to enjoy outside more...I just wish the snow would stay around our blows away so quickly that we barely have enough for toboganning!

    1. Boo. That's no fun! I love the scenery photos you post from home though. Might be worth the wind!!


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