Monday, 2 November 2015

September Review in Numbers

 11. 02. 2015

Light on Little Lanes, Québec, QC

So I was scrolling through the amazing blog Shoes to Shiraz by Deena, when I came across her link-up on her month review in numbers posts.

 Since I have zero blog savvy, I had no idea this was a thing, but I LOVE IT! I am fairly terrible at remembering what happened two days ago and I think this is a great way to chronicle our family happenings for my own memories and hey, it might even interest you too! 

It also must be the teacher in me, but I felt like I needed to start this for September (but I just found out now, le sigh), so I am being a little bit OCD by creating September's month in review, immediately followed by October's.  

I am also an enthusiastic beginner of things, with just about zero follow-through, so the once a month thing might be doable. Let's find out...

l'Île d'Orleans

1 long weekend spent with Granny. 

 2 months old for baby Gabrielle.

4 magical days with bébé and my man in Québec City, my favourite city in Canada. Gabs and I did lots of exploring while Nathan enjoyed a conference.

1 island (l'Île d'Orleans).
 2 waterfalls (l. les chutes Montmorency & les chutes St-Anne).
 3 weeks of beautiful weather in sunny Saskatoon to get outside!

10 km run at a trail race in Buffalo Pound with gorgeous girls.

1 surprise new bedroom renovation courtesy of my sister.

30 exhausting, awesome days. 


  1. I was loving your fall pictures in September...where did you guys go for walks on the riverbank? Also love that you did the post a month later!

    1. We mostly love starting either at the Sutherland Dog Park (and walking north) or on the other side of the river, parking in the industrial area along Warman Road. Gorgeous bike and walking trails.


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