Saturday, 28 November 2015

How to Kick Winter...

In the face. 

So, it's time to kick off (ha!) the Choose Your Winter Series from the bottom up.

Winter Hacks For Your Feet

So even though I'm wearing dem boots in this picture, they've been souped up a little. I sort of feel like my grandpa, because he always wore these to keep his dress shoes mud free:

I'm wearing a pair of Nordic Grips that I purchased at the amazing Brainsport in Saskatoon and I have to say, being eighty years old is way cooler than I had envisioned. 

Just kidding. 

But these little grippies are super awesome. They are not that noticeable on shoes or boots and they help me from falling over on the ice. I wear them for winter running, walking when I have Gabrielle in the carrier under my coat, and basically every time I step outside. They allow you to switch up your footwear and be able to stay upright. Mine cost $29.99 Canadian.

They are better on packed snow or icy streets and don't do much in deep snow. I wouldn't wear them on your hardwood either. 

Note: Yaktrax are another popular brand, but I have never tried them because they looked a little too heavy-duty for my liking. 

I've been wearing the Nordic Grips with my favourite boots and my go-to hikers for longer outdoor walks. 

Which go-to hikers? So glad you asked...

Ahnu Sugarpine Boot:
I have this older version of these Ahnu hikers...
Ooh la la.

They've been up and down the Rockies, trekked the Kenyan highlands and endured many winters. In fact, I bought another pair for when they die, just in case. 
But so far, they never die. Awesome. 
And when the snow gets too deep?? Well, wouldn't you know...

Sorel- Joan of Arctic
When it gets even colder here, I switch to my big-girl Sorels:  Joan of Arctic boots. I mean, I wouldn't go see a movie in them (okay, yes I would), but they will keep you toasty at -40 and I can wear my grippies over top for extra traction, if needed.

And under it all? 

I prefer merino wool (yes please, Santa!), but long toasty socks are a winter must. Costco sells a three-pack for around $10 Canadian and I live in them all winter.


So, treat your feet and kick winter in the face... or at least don't end up on your... face. 


  1. I love cute winter boots! Those Sorel's are so so cute; however, I highly suspect Mr. B will not agree with my needing/wanting more than one pair or winter boots. He's such a Scrooge.

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

    1. Ha! That's fair. I think my husband just thinks the more I am outside, the less I am shopping. Scrooge #2!

    2. I could see that... what do these men have against shopping? I mean honestly.


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