Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Make My Belly Fit - A Review

So it's getting into holiday season and I'm talking about BELLIES

Ha. Yes I am.  

This fashion post might be geared a little more toward future and current mamas, but check this out even if you're not knocked up or jiggling a little minion. I may have just figured out your holiday shopping for you.  

Today I want to talk about a jacket extender that I WISH I had known about when I was pregnant with my first child.  

NOTE: I bought this. This is not some sponsored endorsement. Don't be jaded, pretty lady reading my blog.

In my opinion, the Make My Belly Fit Coat Extender is a MUST for tired, broke gorgeous stylish pregnant ladies and for frazzled, exhausted gorgeous stylish new moms.

Here it is with a warmth layer (that snaps on top):
Pretty plain? No pizzazz? Oh just you wait.
This is the best thing since sliced bread for any pregnant lady or any mama who baby carries. It is also the best thing that has happened to winter, in my opinion, and I live in Saskatchewan, Canada so that's basically half my life.

What is it? 

It's a coat extender that you can use to wear your OWN coats during pregnancy and to baby carry under your coat once baby's born.

Why is this so cool?
1. Because maternity jackets are a billion dollars and not really that cute.
2. Because it saves you from stretching out your jackets trying not to buy a billion dollar maternity jacket (it still fits, gasp. Ouch).
3. Because I would WAY rather wear my baby under my coat than have her in a stroller or sled when walking outside (which I do all winter) or even when going grocery shopping or running errands. She is a sucky little cuddler and loves being carried; I have two free hands to stop my toddler from eating yellow snow. We all win.
4. Because I am LAZY it is SO EASY and takes up no room in your life. Less clutter, less baby paraphenalia = win in my books.
5. Because it's made in Canada and this company is super responsive and great to deal with. I had a small issue with my first order. Facebooked them. They responded and fixed the issue within FIVE minutes, no hassle on my part. Seriously. Amazing.
It's almost enough to convince me to try for a third child. 

Some time. 

Way in the future. 


So how does it work? 

You literally just zip it onto your jacket. Note that the normal coat extender works with a YKK zipper (that's the big heavy duty one, it should say on the zipper toggle).  

For me, it works no problem with all my winter coats. 

I may buy an adapter for my raincoats as well, as I have several spring or fall coats that take another type of zipper. Zipper adapters are available through the website and the website guides you through the process of picking the one you need. Even with a zipper adapter, the jacket extender and the warmth layer, this is still cheaper than ONE maternity jacket and will give you use of many of your coats. That to me is a good investment. 

Here's how I'm going to be wearing it with three of my go-to winter jackets with baby Gabs!  
Gabrielle holding the extender. It's small and a lot quieter than a baby.
Hey! A fitted winter coat and me trying to take a mirror selfie.
That same coat! Zip the adapter on one side. Easy-peasy.
Add baby. She's in a Bjorn carrier so I can show you a front-facing carry with the extender.

Put your coat on! "I just need eggs and milk." Famous last words. Ready to go pick up two thousand dollars of groceries at Costco... 

The only outerwear Gabs is wearing is a hat. She is so tucked into my jacket, she'd be too hot with other layers. 

My jacket feels even a little LOOSER than when I was wearing it normally. I have use of my pockets and am comfy cozy. 

This extender is fantastic if you have baby in the car in a car seat cover to keep warm (over top of the car seat, safety first) and then need to get baby out. You don't have to wrestle baby into more clothes before getting baby in the carrier. Less hassle = mom win.

I prefer Gabrielle in my longer coats because she is completely covered, but here she is in my normal length warm winter jacket (cuts just below the waist). She's just about four months old and her toes are peeping out the bottom.

If she was facing in (spoiler alert, check out the next pic!) then I could zip her all the way inside. 
I walk outside all winter with my sister and her dogs. This is my niece, Maycee. She's a little hairy, but pretty cute. 

I much prefer my ergo carrier when I am going to be wearing Gabrielle for any length of time, inside or outside. She is tucked inside this coat, facing me in the ergo with no hat or winter clothes. It's about -5 degrees Celsius and windy.
See! There she is. Fast asleep. I'm holding the hat I took off her since she was so hot. 

Snug as a bug in a rug!  So tuck it in your purse for when you need it, zip it on one coat and leave it there all winter, or order one for a friend. All right. I'm done. I'll zip it. Sorry. Couldn't resist. 


  1. That look amazing. And for the record I'm reading (and enjoying) all of your posts!!!

    1. Aww, thanks Nikkie! I was wondering if everyone was getting ready to unfriend me soon. Heehee. And, yes! It is awesome!

  2. Brilliant! Wish I would have had something like this when the monsters were wee ones. I loved the snuggly or the wrap.

    1. Yep, I am seriously enthused about this. Makes outdoor life in the winter so much better! I am always worried about how cold their faces get, even in the chariot in a snowsuit. So much less cumbersome.

  3. Hi Abbie,

    I am considering this for carrying a baby of around 14 months - what are your thoughts? I see you have an adorable 4 month old snug as a bug in yours, but I am not sure how it would work with an older/longer/larger baby. Any ideas?

    Thank you for your review - so helpful :)


    1. Thanks for your comment, Kerri! I wear fairly fitted jackets and I can't believe how much room I had in there. Granted, Gabrielle is only 4 months old, but I felt that the extender provided a lot of room for growth. My jacket was looser with her tucked inside than it is normally. There is a lot of room for growth before my jacket even starts to feel tight. I plan to baby carry through next winter and my first daughter was a tank (23 lbs at 7 months) and I am confident that this will still work.
      Also, if you have a looser jacket, I would be tempted to keep using this even longer. I sometimes put my 2 year old in the ergo when she gets tired on long walks. With a looser jacket, I likely still could!
      I hope that answers your question!

      I found the company so easy to deal with as well. They may have more specific information for the weight of your child, but in my opinion, I would say, definitely give it a try!
      Hope this helps!

    2. Thank you Abbie! That's great advice, I'm excited to purchase one and I will definitely check out the company and see what their take on it is.

      Happy baby wearing :)


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