Friday, 11 March 2016

When I Say You're Beautiful - What I Want My Daughters to Know

I've had so much fun lately talking about clothes and accessories, trends and patterns both on Fashion Fridays and on the Wednesday link-up with The Blended Blog. I think style IS fun. I feel that we humans (and especially we women) are made to express something in all we do, say, and put forward. And it's fun. And it's silly. And we can laugh while we do it.

That's why I love people watching.  I wonder why they choose to dress a certain way or speak in one manner over another. I just love observing sometimes, like at the mall or when chaperoning a high school dance. People are just so weird and interesting.

And style?  It's the confidence that emanates when a woman feels put together. When she is at ease with her appearance and she relaxes into that feeling of beauty. When all the intrinsic value is allowed to seep out to her physical self too.

Sometimes, a great outfit, the right shoes, or a fabulous hair cut allows us woman to relax into the deeper truth of that underlying beauty.  I'm not talking about outward appearance defining our worth. I'm talking about being comfortable and pleased with the outward portion of our human peels so we can get on with all the cool stuff going on underneath.

So when I talk "style" on this little corner of the internet, I am well aware that I am just spouting off my opinions. That I am emulating other women from whom I catch a glimpse of something I want to hang onto. And hey! You don't have to agree with me. Heck, one of my best friends actually HATES about 90% of what I wear. That's usually how I know it's on trend. And we laugh about it all the time because

It's opinions over facts. It's inventing over truth. It is all just window dressing. And it should just be FUN.

As a high school teacher, I try to look put-together in a modest and unique way. I want to model confidence in my manner, my behaviour and my outward appearance.

Lately though, Emily, my toddler is absolutely head over heels for princesses. They captivate her. The dresses, the hair, the shoes. I can't even believe how innately ingrained is her desire to be lovely. You can talk all day about gender profiling and how to talk to little girls but at the end of the day, that desire is there. To be beautiful.  There are no new ideas here. It's just me talking out some of the issues of being a girl. Now that I have two little girls watching me 'girl', it seems more important somehow.

I want both my kids to grow up seeing and knowing that it is okay to want to LOOK beautiful. It's fun. It can be silly. It's window dressing and they get to choose what that looks like (within reason).

But what I really want to model for them is a solid deeper truth. That they ARE beautiful. That the women who surround them are beautiful. Not because they look a certain way or are a certain age or follow certain rules, but because of who they intrinsically ARE.

Ann Voskamp sums it up here:
What is beautiful is women who know more than how to do their hair, women who know how to do hard and holy things. What is beautiful is women who use their hands to help humanity up.  ... You don't have to look, think, act, talk or be like the mass-produced to belong to the sisterhood in massively significant ways.

Check out the whole post.

That is what I want to model for my daughters. That I take pleasure in the beauty around me. The amazing dessert. Those adorable shoes. The fun hair cut. But, that none of these outer fixings define our worth and that beauty begins much deeper before it permeates the outer appearance and appears in kindness and generosity, in laugh lines and attentive eyes and wobbly arms held out wide.

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