Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The 5 Unsung Heroes of the Work At Home Mom

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Are you a work-at-home-mom? Who am I kidding? The term 'WAHM' is redundant like "free gifts" or "actual facts" or "added bonus." Let me rephrase: Are you a MOM?

If you're a mama, you already know all about unsung heroes and yet here you are subjecting others to your fate without even realizing it. Not guilty, you say? Hear me out. Let's start with our most beloved friends, coffee and wine. They get a lot of credit from Instagram photos to graphic tees in their honor and they deserve it. If they ever leave my arms I will be institutionalized ... but what about our other quieter friends? The INTROVERTS, if you will.

Bringing the heroism to my house, the 'heck yes' to my home, these are the conveniences that allow me to get any work accomplished at all.

The 5 Unsung Heroes of the WAHM

 1. The washing machine. 

When's the last time you strolled to the river to get those clothes clean? I'm in Canada, so that's a lot of hacking through ice for minimal results. Sure, I recently purchased new underwear for my entire family rather than tackle the ominous mountain of dirty socks (#kiddingnotkidding), but this lovely metal box is always there for me. Who else would stand stoically and patiently, holding the same load of laundry I've already washed six times? Vivienne, my washing machine, that's who.

Sidenote: Since tenderly naming my appliances, I've joined a therapy group that makes me leave my house at least once a week. It's called wine book club.

2. Netflix.

When my first daughter was six months old, I was regaling other mothers with my method of 'no technology' parenting when one of my best friends accidentally spit her coffee in my face. Weird.

I get it now. This post is brought to you courtesy of my friends Zuma and Chase. My recent ode to Paw Patrol came from the depths of my heart since this high quality series has been solely responsible for my last ten blog posts.

Netflix, je t'aime.

3. The coffee maker.

Where did you think that liquid courage comes from? Okay, Starbucks... but when they turned down my enticing offer to build my new home in their parking lot and I'm snowed in for the winter, this little beauty grants me the nectar of life to make it to winetime bedtime.

Thanks Cathy. You're as bold as your brew. 

4. The locking door.

From showering alone to blogging in the bathroom to "reinforcement" during naptime to unexpected doorbell rings, I think we can all appreciate our good friend, deadbolt.

Enough said.

5. Snacks.

Don't even get me started on my own eating. Let's all pretend that I had a smoothie for breakfast and a spinach salad for lunch. Let's talk about Costco "Trail mix."  One little bowl buys me thirty minutes of quiet from my toddler and a carefully curated pile of peanuts left for me.

Yup. I'd hit that. 

So multi-tasking mama, take a minute today to delight in your dishwasher or rave about your Roomba, but especially to peer into that toothpaste splattered bathroom mirror and give yourself a thumbs-up or a really attractive duckface. Because you, my friend, are the heroine of this house and the hottest hustling unsung hero of them all. 

Now to get some sleep...

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