Monday, 21 March 2016

One Of Those Work From Home Moms

Today on Mombies Unite, MaLyn shares some real talk about the struggle between balancing motherhood, self identity and non-mom goals. Her upbeat confidence is a great reminder to keep your own dreams afloat and not waste a second comparing yourself to other mamas. Stay in your lane and keeping swimming!

Meet MaLyn.  
She's a professional stay-at-home mom, a budding writer, an avid burrito connoisseur, a gold accessory enthusiast, a princess Kate fanatic, and clean eating obsessed. When she's not busy chasing her three kids or a taco truck, she's writing over on MaLyn Logic, helping make motherhood fabulous through her store and encouraging mamas with her real talk and hilarious antics on Instagram.

Remember when we were kids and our parents just sent us out in the backyard to play, or we’d spend hours drawing pictures or building forts with our siblings? Now days I feel like children, especially mine, demand constant attention and entertainment.

I enjoy spending time with my children. I love hiding in a fort with a pile of grilled cheese sandwiches while building Lego towers. I can play Barbies, make paper crafts, and read stories for hours. ...but sometimes I have to take a break. I have responsibilities. The house needs to be cleaned, meals need to be prepared, and I have to find time to run my online shop and website. ...and sometimes I just want a few minutes to relax and read a book.

It’s definitely a balancing act trying to prioritize. I believe that family should always come first, except for when they are fully capable of entertaining themselves and I have deadlines to meet.

Over the past year I’ve worked hard to remind my children that they don’t need me every second of every day. Sometimes I have to work, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes I have to be on my phone while I’m making dinner. Sometimes I respond to emails in between giving the kids bubble baths, and that’s okay.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, I feel like the world expects you to devote every second of your day to play dates, crafts, snack time, and trips to the library. And that drives me crazy! I’m a mom, but I am also MaLyn, and I will not let my job as a mother stand in my way of accomplishing my non mom-life dreams. Of course, my children are #1 and I treasure my role as their mother, and of course I put a lot of my hopes and dreams on the back burner, and that’s okay. I’m so happy where I’m at in life right now...but it’s 100% okay to continue working towards the things that I want. It’s okay for me to take time for myself. It’s okay for me to want more in life and I won’t let the world make me feel bad for being on my cell phone while I’m at the park with my kids.

I just want moms everywhere to know that it’s okay for Motherhood to consume you, but don’t let it steal your identity. Don’t hesitate to make yourself a priority. I promise that as you work towards your dreams while still rockin’ mom life, you’ll be setting a great example for you kids and you’ll be a better, happier mom because of it.

...So the next time you’re at the park on the phone while your kids are playing tag and a snarky mom pulling organic raisins out of her purse gives you “that stare,” you just grab a twinkie out of your bag and toss it to your kids as you confidently say these words into the phone, “Yes! I just closed the deal and the paperwork will be on my desk tomorrow morning. This is going to pay for our family trip to Harry Potter World and there will be plenty leftover for Christmas in Hawaii! I love my job! It’s so rewarding being a mom while still pursuing my dreams. ...but I gotta go! The kids want me to push them on the swings. Ta ta, darling!”

Do you love MaLyn's carefree vibe and real life boss babe attitude? Check her out on her website, shop, and Instagram! Wanna hear from some more marvelous mombies? Check out some other incredible ladies in this series here.

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