Friday, 13 November 2015

Dem Boots

Image courtesy of Flickr

So a little while ago, we all drooled creepily over Emma's Steve Madden boots, but those are a little out of my price range while I'm on maternity leave. Today I want to talk about my favourite boots this season. 

I definitely like switching up my footwear and making use of all them, but there's always that ONE PAIR. The ones you put on when you run to the store. To a friend's house. To go for a walk. And then, suddenly, you are wearing them all the time and they are THE ONES.

Every fall, I try to save up some money for either that one pair of boots or that one jacket. These are my two fall/winter obsessions. Hey! We Canadian girls need to stay warm... At least, that's what I tell my husband.

I love boots and I do try to sell or give away the ones I'm not using. Last year, I went for a heeled pair of Miz Mooz (similar here).

Miz Mooz Toby in Whiskey
Yum. Wore them a lot at work. Still love them. There are certain colours and styles I'll wear whether they are cutting edge fashion or not. They have a sturdy heel and I can wear them on ice with no slippage. Heck yes for mom style.

This year, I love the mid height boot, but I needed something practical to wear all the time with the kids. Living in Canada, I LOVE Sorel

If the word Sorel brings to mind these bad boys, then you need to go here right now.

All right. Feeling lighter in the pocketbook? This fall, I have fallen in love with these boots:

Sorel Major Carly
I dress them up and down and I wear them everywhere. I mean, everywhere. They are not the warmest boots that Sorel carries but they fit a little big and do really well with a cozy sock and I am going to be living in them this winter. 

Leggings (Costco), Shirt Dress (Banana Republic Outlet CLEARANCE!), dem boots.

Old comfy sweater, Vest & Straight leg crop jeans: Banana Republic Clearance, Dem Boots.

Love dem boots.
Dem boots in action!

I don't normally LOVE a boot without some sort of heel because I have stubby legs, but these guys are a keeper for me. I also think they'd be fun with bright red laces, so might sub those in for some pop... since I end up wearing them every day and all!

What footwear do you live in during the fall and winter months? 

See Dem Boots paired with a floppy hat here!


  1. I love dem boots too! And that belted vest! Did I miss where that was from? Mostly love you and your writing! 😃

    1. Thanks so much! The belted vest is from Banana Republic Outlet clearance. I may have an outlet/clearance problem. I love vests. They hide a multitude of rolls.

  2. Plus, I don't like them, so you k ow you are stylin'!

    1. Yes! Too funny. Right on track. I promise you'll like them in two years. ;-)

  3. Great boot picks! I have those MizMooz in red and, I agree, they are so comfy and sturdy and well built. I will definitely have to check out those Sorels!

  4. Oooh. In red. I may be drooling a little!!


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