Saturday, 30 April 2016

What Moms Google - Mother's Day Vacay

Helllloooo parents! Mother's Day is coming right up and Shaunacey and I are celebrating by... taking a little online vacation from #whatmomsgoogle.

We LOVE the fun of this series and we love YOU, the community of amazing parents letting us know we're not alone in our online forays. Your resident hot mess moms need a little break and we're taking our own advice after we shared about time outs last week!

Spring has sprung and we are both going to be shifting a little more focus on ourselves and our littles as we both prepare for some major events (family events, a big move and a return to work to name a few). 

We SHALL RETURN (likely in larger-than-life media over-posting frenzy, as is our wont) and we will keep YOU posted on our return date.

Thanks for understanding and in the meantime, we're still stockpiling accepting questions so feel free to ask away in a highly anonymous and confidential manner!

Click HERE to ask... you know you want to.

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