Sunday, 3 February 2019

Missing the trees for the branches

Sometimes we miss the beauty of the whole for the mess of tangled branches.  

Motherhood is like that for me. When I step back, take a breath, send some prayer and and look up, it makes sense again. I can zoom out and then check back in. 

Faith is like that for me. Romans talks about us being grafted into the tree of the family of God when we ask Jesus into our lives. Sometimes the branches twist up and bother one another and it's discouraging. Fixing our eyes on each other rather than Jesus, on the perfect example of Christ, can be soul hurting. I need to zoom in on Him.

Life is like that for me. The tasks seem messy and constant but the beautiful picture of God's plan is present, in the little unseen moments, the small decisions that make up the whole of a life. 

Be encouraged, sister. You matter.  

Breathe in, breathe out, carry on. 

And if you need it, sometimes a crunchy tromp through the snow in -30 can be good for the soul too.

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