Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Right in the Messy Middle

You know what's hard?

Starting things is hard. 

I need routines to function well in life as an adult. A budget, a bedtime, and a snack list help me to be a real grown-up, but I'm a rebellious little sneak. I frolic late at night, eating junk food and spending all the money. 

Why is it so stinking hard to get into (and stay in) good routines and develop healthy habits and yet so so easy to slip into bad ones?

Is this entropy, science folk? I feel like it doesn't count because rather than passively backsliding, I'm actively destructive.

For example, last year I was going to the gym consistently, eating well and feeling great. Last night I put on my loosest flannel pajama pants and they GROANED. How does flannel groan, you might ask? Under great pressure. That's how. Oops.

This isn't a weight-loss post, it's just an outer example of my self-destructive tendencies.

Reverse psychology doesn't work for me either. My brain can't be fooled into thinking that veggies are delectable off-limit treats anymore than my wallet can believe that abstinence is best (from shopping, you guys. SHOPPING). 

So here we go again. Time to take stock and do the next right thing. 

Bah humbug.

I read this quote from the amazing Ashli at Baby on the Brehm this morning:

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Via Facebook

Thanks a LOT ASHLI!! and that made me think of this one:

Image result for you are what you repeatedly do
Via Pinterest

It's time to start dwelling on truth and letting it permeate the rest.

It's time to start again. I must have about 40 started things. Journals, running plans, exercise DVDs, shampoo bottles, to-do-lists. Of course I need to wait till Monday to start them, right? And it's Tuesday so maybe next Monday...

And I need to be in shape before I go to the gym and I need to have my house clean before I organize the cupboards and I need to have revelatory ideas before I write the book and... and... and...

And it's Tuesday and I'm starting in the messy middle.  Starting today. Just this hours. Just this minute. 

Taking time to read and pray.

Giving thanks for all the blessings around me. 

Being present right here.

Making one good choice.

Doing the next right thing.

Right in the messy middle.

See you there. 

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