Monday, 24 December 2018

The Ginther family Christmas letter 2018

Every year flies by and 2018 was no exception. 

Here are a few of our highlights...

We've had the opportunity to spend some fun family time together in Canada and the U.S. this year! We enjoyed our winter get-away with the Armstrong family on the beautiful garden island of Kauai.

No turtles were harmed during our exploring. Despite our little niece Natalie having an epic 7 day no-sleep challenge and Gabby discovering car sickness on some incredible roads, we're all still friends. Time heals all wounds.

This is the second year family road trips have actually been fun! The girls are growing and keep us on our toes with their endless questions and boundless energy. Their favourite memories of our summer trip to Salmon Arm, B.C. were stopping at the Enchanted Forest, seeing the salmon run, Takakaw Falls, and hiking with Grandpa.

Maybe a little too much hiking...


Nathan's been busy this year as his colorectal surgical practice in Saskatoon has continued to grow although he always feels a little behind (no pun intended). 

He is thankful for a job he loves and awesome colleagues and he is looking forward to the challenges 2019 will bring. Highlights of Nathan's year include boating with his brother and the girls on the river this summer, a guys' Rocky Mountain backpacking trip and time with his gals.


This year, Abbie officially resigned from teaching to stay at home with the girls. Unfortunately she hasn't quite figured out the 'staying at home' part. She began the year with a girls' trip to Seattle, followed by two hiking adventures this summer, to both Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. 

She snuck away again this fall to South Carolina with some friends and is already plotting some 2019 adventures. 

The highlights of her year include the MS Bike Tour in Nova Scotia, 

spending time outside with the family,

running some races with friends 

and time in Gros Morne National Park. 

The best part of Abbie's year was everyday unrushed time at home with Emily and Gabby and evenings as a family. In the online world, Abbie is looking forward to a new project with two of her friends called Salt and Light Lifestyle, which will include a podcast and apparel for women, with a focus on community. 


Emily Grace began French Immersion kindergarten this fall and is thriving in both the French language and the social aspects of school. 

She loves spending time with her friends, going to Olympians Club at Martensville Baptist Church with two of her best friends and her weekly gymnastics class. She hopes she can do swimming lessons again soon. 

Emily is developing into a thoughtful and kind friend and she continually adds to her learning by asking lots of questions and practicing spelling all the words she can imagine. Emily is the best big sister and cousin around as she is always conscious of everyone's feelings and never lets anyone feel left out. 

Gabrielle Anna began preschool this year and while she was upset about the lack of school bus, she's been regaling us with tales of crafts, songs and stories when she gets home.

Gabby's fierce independence makes her a quick learner at anything she decides she wants to do. She loves gymnastics and wants to take music lessons again. She's been enjoying a little one-on-one time with mom while Emily is at school and has been working on keeping her tantrums under 5 episodes a day. Her sense of humour keeps us all laughing and we can honestly say that Gabby is the sunshine and storm in our lives. 

Gabby and her cousin Natalie are also a great neighbourhood watch.


Lola turned two this December and is a loving and sweet companion to us all. She especially loves romping with her best friend Kona (who conveniently lives next door with some fantastic neighbours), long runs off-leash and cuddling. 

In other news, we were so excited to welcome a new nephew, Casey James, into our lives this summer. 

One of the huge blessings in our lives is the proximity to family. Our girls are growing up surrounded by love and incredible examples. 

As well as gaining a nephew, we lured Uncle Tim and Auntie Katie home from Ontario and plan to hold them hostage in Saskatchewan for the foreseeable future. 

After our time away in Winnipeg, we are so aware of the amazing people we have around us. We thank God continually for the community of loving friends and family our girls have here at home and it's been incredible to watch them flourish within that support system. 

Looking forward into 2019, we would ask that you would pray for us to be continually seeking God's will in our every day tasks and in the bigger picture of ongoing life. It's our ongoing desire to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God. 

We wish you all the love and family time this Christmas and the joy that comes from the light of the world.

All our love, 
The Ginther Clan 

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