Sunday, 7 January 2018

35 and Time To Try...

I turned the big 35 last week and since my birthday falls on New Year's Day, it's always an extra moment of reflection. I'm not great at resolutions of any kind (check out all my enthusiastic series beginnings on the blog...) but here are a few things I'm working on:

1. Incorporating sneaky switches into my habits to get through winter without losing my mind.

Like, I can watch all the Netflix I want after the kids go to bed as long as I'm walking on the treadmill. See what I did there? It's difficult to eat chips on the treadmill. It's definitely possible but it's harder. 

Or: the kids can watch a show but only after we've tried a craft and an outside activity. Sorry Netflix. I'll make it up to you later.

2. Reading more. 

My Bible. Books. Maybe the ingredients on those neon candies my kids like... (just kidding. Too far. I love reading and I'm coming out of the stage of motherhood where my eyes cannot even focus after 7pm due to extreme fatigue. If you're there, it's temporary. I promise.

3. Just more veggies.

This time of year, my salad consists of bread with a side of pasta. Is it the cold? Is it the dark? Is it that carbs are delicious? 

I don't know. I like veggies and if I make a conscious effort to include them as a fun part of every meal, I feel much better. 

Fun fact: My favourite breakfast vegetable is the coffee bean. Hey, I make my own rules. You do you.

4. Gratitude.

I've had a bad attitude lately. I know that because everyone around me keeps mentioning it. Thanks family.  
I'm grumpy about kids' bedtimes and that process. About caring for others. About the energy needed to be present. BASICALLY ABOUT ALL THE BLESSINGS IN MY PRIVILEGED LIFE.
Ahem. Anyway, this sucks the enjoyment out of everything for me and everyone around me. Remembering and appreciating the good in my day and taking it down 17 notches makes a big difference. 

5. Actions over words. 

I like words. I can spew them out from the couch in between chips. Actions are harder for me. Words like "follow through" and "commitment" give me hives. 

This quote has helped me on that one. 
Thanks Erin Condren Journal!

So, small changes and let's see what happens. 

The older I get, the less afraid I am to try new things. This decade so far, I've completed half marathons and incredible arduous hiking in breathtaking locations. I birthed two beautiful children. I've put words out on the internet and been published where I wanted to. And at the end of the day, all of these experiences have taught me that most of success is just showing up, over and over again.

But there's still some stuff I get hesitant to try. The stuff directly around me, in my community. I'll stride into a room full of teenagers I haven't met and hang out with them for a semester, but walking into a new salon fills me with anxiety. Trying a new gym? Yikes. Joining a group of any type. GULP.

I'm over it. This year, I'm 35 and it's time to try ALL THE THINGS.

Maybe you have some things you'd like to try but you're thinking these things:
I don't know how much it costs.
Am I too old? 
I wouldn't even know where to start... 
I'm too shy

Here's a series you might enjoy (and I might actually follow through on).

For me, it's not just mountains or bench presses. What are you secretly googling that you'd love to try? It could be an activity, a skill or a beauty treatment. It could be serious. It could be frivolous. 

I'll be starting out with a review of some fancy new micro-beaded hair extensions from the award winning Passions Beauty Studio this Thursday! 

Photo courtesy of Passion Beauty Studio on Instagram

Photo courtesy of Passion Beauty Studio on Instagram

I'm looking forward to sharing some local businesses as I go on this adventure and I'd love to hear what you've always wanted to try. Let me know in the comments or shoot me a message!

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