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Shine Bright for the Holidays with Smile Brilliant

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One of my favourite compliments to receive is that I have a nice smile. Coming from a small town, every time we travel to a different country or a big city, I have to remind myself not to smile at everyone.  Note to self: no eye contact with strangers on the subway. 

But honestly, I think that (even on the subway) a smile can brighten someone's day and it costs nothing. A smile is one of the first things I notice about people when I meet them and even though my eyes get "crinkles" (thanks Emily) when I smile, I kind of love that my face is developing a record of joy. As I inch closer to 34, I feel like I'm learning to not just accept my body type and features, but to really like them. I'm learning to celebrate what my body can do and to treat myself with care. There's this constant need to be younger and better that we as women feel in our society but I've been trying to make peace with that in working to be the best version of ME right now, not ten years' ago. I like feeling pretty as much as the next girl, but I want to be ME, not a Kardashian.

Lately, I've noticed that my favourite feature (my smile) is getting just a little dimmer. It might have something to do with my coffee intake...
or maybe my love of a good glass of red...
But my teeth are a little more eggshell than pearly white. Since I've never had braces, my teeth are nowhere near perfect, but I've always liked my quirky smile. I read recently that whitening your smile improves your appearance more dramatically than cosmetic procedures and since I'm barely willing to brush my hair most days, I'll take all the easy (and non-invasive) tips on keeping my favourite feature sparkling!
Oh... coffee.
I've used a drugstore teeth whitening kit in the past but I wasn't overly impressed with the results and since I have sensitive teeth, I just thought that whitening my teeth at home wasn't for me. When I heard about the Smile Brilliant whitening kit, I was intrigued and the reviews were phenomenal. Instead of using strips or going into the dentist for a potentially costly procedure, Smile Brilliant sends you a complete professional teeth whitening system that you can use at home.

When I received my kit, I was impressed by how simple and hassle-free the process seemed.

In case you like watching over reading, this video shows the process really well!

In the kit, there's modeling paste and catalyst.

You use the paste to create impressions of your teeth which you mail in to Smile Brilliant. (Note: This is postage-paid within the U.S. and regular mail from Canada costs less than $10 Canadian.)

Oh hey, teeth prints!

You'll receive perfect molds of your teeth within a week or two! 

Even with shipping internationally, my impressions were received at Smile Brilliant within a week and I had my personalized trays back within 2 weeks, which is pretty impressive in Canada during holiday shipping times!

Then it's as easy as placing whitening gel in the trays and fitting the trays into your mouth. 

That's attractive. Coffee and wine are not my friends.

Since I have sensitive teeth, I applied Vaseline along my gum line to prevent irritation and then I put a very thin line of whitening gel in the trays.

I really liked the desensitizing gel, which I used in the trays after the whitening application. I also love that I saw significant results after only one application of 45 minutes. The trays were comfortable to wear because they were a perfect fit to my mouth. I put them in after putting the girls to bed.

I feel like this kit is a steal of a deal because you only use a small portion of the gel in the syringe during each tooth whitening session. The kit I received came with 6 syringes of whitening gel, which Smile Brilliant estimates is about 18 applications. Personally, I think you could likely get even more applications out of the kit since you use very little gel in the molds. 

So... Are you ready for some results?

The suspense is killing me.
Let's be honest, usually, even over the holidays, a quick shower and a little bit of makeup are the best it's going to get. Bonus points if you actually DRY your hair. 

Here are my teeth after one 45 minute application!

Way brighter and no hassle.
I wish I could say I'm giving up coffee but I think we all know that's a lie so in the meantime, I'll just let Smile Brilliant be my easy little life hack to shine bright this Christmas.  

Feel like trying out Smile Brilliant for yourself?

Smile Brilliant is offering one lucky reader in the U.S. or Canada a free whitening kit (valued at $150 U.S) as well as two $35 coupons toward a whitening system!

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Please note that you should avoid whitening your teeth 
if you're pregnant or breastfeeding.  

Praise the Lord, I am currently neither. Is this feeling how you know you're done having kids?  

I received a kit from Smile Brilliant in return for my always honest opinion
Any questions, let me know below!

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