Wednesday, 7 December 2016

December Cozy Wine-Down

I haven't been jumping on the style train blog posts this season very much, but I couldn't resist today and am so excited to be participating in the Blended Blog's Cozy For the Holidays Link-up!

But first, a story: 

When my lovely friend Deena came to town, I thought the present was getting to hang out with her...

Yup. She's adorable.

but other than the amazing presence (see what I did there) of the lovely Deena and her fantastic fam-jam, 

Jean jackets and divas of another generation.

she also brought me this awesome shirt. 

I have great friends. It's my gift.
If you're dying to get one and don't have a fairy god-Deena, I'm pretty sure Etsy can help you out... 

So when Deena asked if I wanted to link up some looks with her sweet self and also with the incredible Christy, I did not hesitate.

I've been wearing this tank to bed, to the gym, to the grocery store... but I thought I'd spare you those selfies and go for COZY. 

In my books, December's all about cozy, sparkle and room for more Christmas cookies, so here's a few ways I'm styling my graphic tank this season.

 1. Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Whether it's work, a girls' night out or a Christmas pageant, I love dressing up graphic tees. 

I'm jazzing mine up this season with some sparkly bling, a little sidetuck, and wine (of course) coloured structured leggings and booties. 

 I feel like I can't quite commit to the oversized outerwear I'm seeing in chunky knits everywhere this year, but I'm loving this slightly lighter loose layer to add a touch of class and warmth. 

 But I live in chilly Canada so let's add some more layers...

2. Dashing Through the Snow
Gabby: Where are we going? Do I have to get dressed?

This is pretty much my outfit every day. Warm jacket, some form of Sorel boots and maybe even pants that zip. 

Did I get her dressed? It's a mystery.

Last but not least, the coziest of all...

3. Baby, it's cold outside

Gimme all the knits, all the socks and all the cozy boots (and yep, maybe a glass of red). 

Love these Sanuk booties...

Hope you are having the coziest Christmas and more importantly, I hope you're spending it with those you love most!

Thanks, shelf.

Make sure you take a minute to head over to see Deena's lovely looks and Christy's stellar style

P.S. Sometimes when you do your photoshoot in your three-year-old's room with her and/or a timer snapping the pictures, you get a few outtakes...

You're welcome. 

Be jealous. That's a princess nightlight.
Jingle Bells?
Time-out from Emily.

From one yuletide fool, wishing you all the Christmas cheer! 

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