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What Moms Google - What Dads Bring

It's time for #whatmomsgoogle where Shaunacey and I team up to respond to real life parenting google searches.  

Last week we tackled baby milestones, but infants aside, new parents have their own hurdles to leap in baby's first year. This week, Shaunacey wrote the holy grail of Mommy Milestones and I can't add even one iota of goodness to her words

So instead, in honour of Father's Day, let's talk about dads. Now, I'm not a dad but I grew up with an amazing father, who's now a fantastic grandpa...

Stay away from the light, Grandpa!
and my girls are blessed to have a pretty incredible man in their life named... you guessed it... DAD (He also answers to 'Nathan')

Multi-tasking like a boss.
Nathan's wrapped around our little ladies' fingers and they are so so blessed by his engagement and parenting.  Our second baby, Gabrielle, will be one at the end of July so baby milestones are pretty fresh in our house and so are the daddy milestones... like this viral "how many cheerios can you stack on your sleeping baby" challenge. I'll just leave that there.
Since I'm not a dad, I don't feel qualified to give you a list of daddy milestones (and who could compete with the cheerios. I mean, really), but since I'm a wife, I love giving opinions about husbands. On that note...

This week's google search was:


Don't even get me started on grammar or vaccinations. I don't know if my dad ever changed a diaper or wrestled a baby into a onesie after bath time, but I have seen my husband do both often... or rather heard both as I was elsewhere doing other things.

Being a dad is relaxing.
This generation of men doesn't use terms like "babysitting" when they describe hanging with their offspring and maybe some days they long for the simplicity of past gender-defined daddy roles but in our house, you wouldn't know it. 

Every family works out their own system for feeding, changing, bathing the baby and dealing with the laundry a new little person requires and if you're anticipating a child, don't worry. Your man WILL develop into a dad just like you'll morph into a mom... but he won't parent exactly like you, so back away from the baby, Mama Bear. 

Baby's arrival is full of firsts. Some of them are adorable like baby's first smile.

Oh bald little Emily.
Some of them are a little bit less photogenic, like baby's first colicky fit or blow-out diaper (click here for a full list of baby milestones).

"Please don't scream on this plane." "No prob, Dad. I'll be soooo quiet until I've finished filling this diaper."

While every family will celebrate their own firsts, there are a few areas where dads really deliver in the parenting realm.

"Oh my back. Someone get Mom. No. I'm FINE. Totally FINE."

1. The Pack Horse. 

Why is Dad better at transporting tiny humans? I don't know. He's taller so maybe it's more exciting or feels more dangerous. Is it because he's stronger and doesn't mind carrying fiery little ladies? 

Whatever the reason, whether it's a ride on the shoulders through the snow...

or the water...

a hike through the mountains...

or a sleigh ride around town...

He's up for the job. 

Dads, you're either nodding right now or going to be a transportation expert soon. Nathan's favourite methods of getting the girls to and fro is our chariot jogging stroller, either attached to the bike or flying along at top speed on rollerblades, 90s style. His least favourite transportation activity is installing car seats. May the force be with you.

2. The Fun Maker

I like to fancy myself a 'fun' person but there's no competition when it comes to parenting. Nathan is way more fun. All the adventure must have exited my womb with the kids (if only I'd eaten those placentas..) because I can now imagine every horrible scenario in everyday activities. Eating carrots? DEATH. Jumping on the bed? DEATH. I have no idea why this is and as recent extremely sad events have shown, accidents happen when they are going to happen. 

Regardless, while moms are busy envisioning doom and gloom and attempting to control destiny, dads are tossing children high in the air or dropping them and catching them at the last moment as they laugh hysterically. 

Again! I still have some brain cells! #funmaker
Eating a ton of sugar right before supper? Thanks, Dad! #funmaker
Jumping off the boat? Why not! #funmaker

Sitting on goose poop by the rushing river? #funmaker

3. The Tribute.

Sometimes as a parent I get to the end of my rope and I must get that crazy look in my eye because Nathan will volunteer as tribute. I'm not talking about "doing his part" or "sharing the load." I'm talking about straight-up handling parenting when it's not his turn and sending me packing. 

Examples include taking over all bath and bedtime routines, getting up in the middle of the night to hush the baby or hustling the kids out the door to the park so I can get some rest.  
Hey Dad! Whatcha doin'? Tryin' to relax, Dad? Huh, Dad? Huh?
It's digging in when he could just pass. It's the sacrificial love without a word of complaint as the long day turns into a sleepless night.

And, when you put down the lists, the parenting method books and all the activities and tasks, what your partner should do matters a whole lot less than who your partner is and what he brings to your kids' lives and to your relationship. 

So to the heroes of little hearts, the handlers of bear hugs, the holders of hilarity and the half to our wholes, Happy Father's Day. 

Here's to you, Dad. 

We love you. 

Now rush over to see what Shaunacey Says about Mommy Milestones AND don't forget to come back next week to see how we answer your plaintive parenting pleadings or pleadings before a plaintiff... Here's hoping your driving hasn't been that distracted by your plethora of backseat peanuts.
Click HERE to ask... you know you want to.

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