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No Sweeter Sound

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As parents, we know that silence isn't golden... it's suspicious. Parenting isn't always melodious but today on Mombies Unite, Brittney's talking about the music that fill our ears day-in and day-out with littles, both the moments of perfect harmony and the notes of discord. 

Meet Brittney. A wife and a mom to two littles, Olivia (2 1/2) and Oliver (8mo), you’ll often find her with a cup of coffee, a camera, or a crochet hook in her hand. Brittney's developed a love for exercising and she has fun leading and encouraging a strong group of women in their fitness journeys wherever they are from her home in North Dakota.

Not only does Brittney find the time to encourage moms online, but she also makes the most adorable hand-crocheted baby goods. Check out her Facebook page B. Cozy for all the cuteness! This amazing mombie of two also just completed a half marathon two days ago. Rock on, Brittney! 

No Sweeter Sound

If you are a parent or have spent any amount of time around kids you might have noticed that these beings (and the assortment of accessories they come with) can add a sort of music to your day. From a baby’s first cry to their first words and more, there are a lot of sweet and not so sweet things we mommas have the privilege of hearing. I thought it would be fun to compile a little list of the familiar and funny sounds of parenthood. 

1. The Morning Gas 

When my Olivia was an infant, she would wake up happy, content, and gassy! We had her in a bassinet in our room for a while after she was born and I loved waking up to her babbling and tooting! She is two now and is still pretty gassy in the mornings and proudly announces “I tooted”. I kind of think it’s adorable! 

2. The Blowouts 
Who, ME?

You’ve heard it. That perfectly timed release. And you just know without even looking. I think my daughter made it her goal to have blowouts at the worst possible times. Usually it was when someone was praying or talking about something serious and every time she was in white or in something new she would have a blowout diaper. Every.Time. I have found that my son has a lot less blow out diapers. Maybe anatomy has something to do with it… Maybe I’m just crazy… The jury is still out on this one. 

3.The Musical Eater 

Maestro… Both of my kids would hum while nursing quite often. The show’s over once they started pretending they were playing the harmonica though! Excuse me! That is not what that is for, little one! =) 

4. The Ravenous Eater 

My little guy is pretty on the clock when it comes to eating and oh how he suddenly pants and grunts impatiently as he waits for me to whip out the goods. Compliments to the chef. 

5. The Pump 

Yes… this is the third one related to the girls. When you spend months with a little one needing them every 2 to 3 hours there is a lot to say! Recently, I was able to get away for a night with my mom and sister and my mom commented on how familiar the sound of the pump was even though it has been 16 years since my sister was a baby. 

6. The Toys 

Oh the noisy toys! Some days I can handle the sweet songs and the little voices on repeat... And then there are days where the batteries are taken out or they suddenly end up in the back of the closet. And toys that don’t have volume control or, for the love, an on/off switch… you’re dead to me. 

7. The Plops 

This is the sound of (food, keys, toys, phones, etc.) being plopped into a liquid substance. My daughter has managed to plop my phone into my coffee and her little pool and I have had many beverages graced with the presence of her food. We’re working on it… 

8. The Silence 

Believe it or not there is silence! Usually it comes with being paranoid or lonely though. Why are they napping longer than usual? All looks good on the monitor. What is she getting in to? Please not the Vicks vapor rub again. He’s still breathing, right? I can feel his breath on my hand… and my cheek…maybe I’ll just hold him a little longer. I didn’t forget to put them in the vehicle did I? Nope… still there. Why am I so paranoid? 

9. The Encouragement 

I saved this one for last! It is my hope that if you are reading this and are on this crazy and fun and loud journey, that you would be hearing the cheers of those around you in the midst of all that fills your ears. 

This journey is tough and you need the encouragement and support of others to drown out the lies, the negative self-talk, and those catchy nursery rhymes that play on repeat in your head. You’ve got this Momma!

Whether it’s a belly laugh or a wail, a well-timed burp or an Amen, this gig comes with its own soundtrack. If it is one that plays daily for you, one that you are anxiously awaiting, or one that filled your home many years ago, my hope would be that you can listen and dance and enjoy this beautiful and noisy journey. 

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