Monday, 18 January 2016

"Breastfeeding is Easy" & Other Lies Moms Believe

I see we are at an impasse. 

Ever had one of those weeks where you managed to feed your toddler cereal three meals a day and rewash the same load of laundry six times? 

Nope. Me neither.

Meanwhile, you're scrolling Instagram and there's a gorgeous image of a mother, serenely nursing her child, while dancing in a meadow and petting a baby fawn. 

Lies, my sweet friend.  

And because it's Monday and the laundry won't be done its seventh round for at least twenty minutes, let's kick the door in on a few more deceptions we've been sold. 

I've got your back. Here's my article "Breastfeeding is Easy" & Other Lies Moms Believe on Babble.

Now go throw that load of laundry directly into the garbage. A whole bucket of vinegar isn't going to redeem that. ReMOVE it Monday covered for this week.


  1. breastfeeding is NOT easy!!! heading to read your article now! :)

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

    1. Now that I'm at the 6 month stage, it's looking up... oh wait. TEETH.

  2. Loved your article! Breastfeeding is definitely not easy, and I feel like the feeling of 'I want my body back' gets worse in time! My 9 month old is currently teething, and ALWAYS wants to nurse. It really is exhausting...

    1. Oh totally! You are awesome, mama! We're just entering the 6 month teething. The joy of momming it. Every time you figure it out, they change. Hee hee!


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