Thursday, 14 January 2016

Who is Grumbling Grace? Meet Abbie.

You've stumbled onto Grumbling Grace and now you're wondering, WHO IS THIS LADY?

Oh hey! Here's my ABOUT page. That should clear up a few details.

AND here are a few more...

Love that guy.

In 2006, a month after swearing off all romantic relationships and preparing to travel the world alone forever, I fell hard for Nathan, a serious and sexy university student. Whoops.
Nine years and two sweet little girls later, that student is somehow a serious and sexy surgeon and people let me teach their kids high school French and English in Saskatchewan, Canada. 

Nathan is the calm to my crazy, the quiet to my loud, the measured to my mayhem, and the intelligence to my impulse. He's loved and forgiven me through hard things and I can't believe I get to do life with this man. 


1. My Family.

My brother Nathaniel left our family in 1996 to take up permanent residence in heaven, and that day, my heart closed in around the rest of my family and still clings fast to them. 

My man, my little ladies and a handful of incredible friends have expanded my tribe.

2. Accidental Learning.  

Kapsowar, Kenya
Let's go see and know and eat all the things. I want to be just over my head and the least interesting person in the room.  Travel a new country, hike a tall mountain, run a beautiful trail, be challenged by another culture and language, laugh a little too hard, buy the shoes and eat a six course meal.

3. Jesus.

Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
--> He is reliable when I am not and His love for me and all other outcasts is inclusive, relevant, and all-encompassing. My relationship with Jesus is the foundation for all parts of my life and the motivating factor for my behavior, relationships, and life choices. His mercies are new every morning and His grace is big ENOUGH for the real me. 

4. Language.
-->  Words matter and I want to read them all. My two year old wants to SPEAK them all and some say she may have inherited that trait from a close relative. *Ahem.*

I get to explore words and ideas with amazing adolescents as my day job as a high school French and English teacher. 

5. This Blog. 

-->Since the arrival of my minions, I’m reconfiguring my life around this huge role of being a mom. I don’t have any wisdom to impart. I'm just recording life and inviting you to join the conversation!

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  1. love learning more about you... I'm sorry to learn about your loss though.

    beautiful family

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  2. You are my favourite Abbies of all Abbies I know. Also- I'm almost out of the dark that is finals prep. Let's do something soon.


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