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Ginther Family Update 2019

Photo by Lovely Roots Photography

As Emily would say, "Can you BELIEVE?"  

I can't really. It's hard to believe a year has flown by and when I look at this little corner of the internet, it's been pretty quiet. Virtual life may have been silent but real life has been loud and busy in all the right ways these last twelve months. 

Here's a little summary of what our family's been up to in sunny Saskatchewan:

2019 was a wonderful year of friends and family.

The girls and I began the year travelling with some of our favourite people and visiting friends in Southern California.

Nathan missed the fun but joined us girls for two wonderful weeks in Maui that was the family vacation highlight of the year.

Gabby & Nathan snorkelling
Enjoying the outdoors

Our favourite moments were swimming with turtles in the ocean, snorkelling in the coral reefs together and all the time enjoying the beauty around us. 

Since I hadn't been anywhere in at least a month, I was fortunate enough to join three amazing friends on a girls' trip to France over Easter. 

This trip was the most refreshing time of friendship and French and it's a trip I will count among the best in my memory file. Not only did I get to celebrate one of my very best friend's 40th birthday, I also got to catch up with my French family, the Kyles. 

Nathan's been working hard all year and since he is often called into the hospital, he was excited to find a little boat that can explore our shallow and beautiful river, nice and close to home. 

He spent a lot of free moments with friends and family on the south and north Saskatchewan rivers this summer. The kids were a-okay with this arrangement.

This summer we enjoyed a kid-free fly-in fishing experience with Emma and Randal north of Missinipe. It was incredibly relaxing, beautiful and full of fish.

The parents didn't have all the fun this summer. Emily loved day camp and outdoor swimming lessons.

Gabby embraced the great outdoors and spent lots of time with friends. 

The whole family had a great time out in B.C. with the Armstrong grandparents. 

Salmon Arm is one of the most beautiful places we travel to each summer although we are hoping that we can lure the grandparents back to the prairies now that there are 5 grandkids to enjoy. 

Speaking of which, we are so excited that baby Ellen joined the family this year. Congratulations Tim and Katie!

Photo by Lovely Roots Photography

It's so much fun to love these little people and then hand them back for the night shift!

Here's a quick update on each family member:


Photo by Lovely Roots Photography

Nathan's been working extremely hard this year as he and his fellow colorectal surgeons attempt to shorten the wait time for families needing urgent care. He very much enjoys his calling and sometimes requires a little prompting to take a day or two off and catch up on sleep and other non-essential requirements of human life. He holds the world record in speed napping while parenting.

Nathan loved our family's time in Maui this last year.

He also loved our trip to Florida although he has developed a princess phobia for some reason...

Them. They're the reason.
While our trips have been breathtaking, there is so much beauty close to home and Nathan's highlight of the year was getting out on the river this summer with the kids and with friends. 

Nathan's currently busy plotting out all the details of our new yard (as well as an elaborate well system which his wife will never understand) as we'll be moving within our town to a new home in the spring. 

Time to start training the assistant landscapers.

The view from the kitchen will be just fine.
He's been working hard to figure out a work/family balance this year and the girls love every minute with dad.


Photo by Tamara Michelle Photography

I've enjoyed being at home with the girls this year and travelling quite a bit. 2019 has flown by as the business that I began with Deena this past January (and now Lana), Belong Lifestyle, has been growing.

Photo by Lovely Roots Photography

It's been a rewarding and challenging venture for us and we're excited to start our second year of retail sales, wardrobe styling and an encouraging and positive community for women. 

My highlight of 2019 was watching the girls develop and grow into their skills and their personalities this past year. 

I also loved the intentional time I spent with friends from near and far, although this is something I still need to work on as I tend to hermit up. I'm so fortunate for the communities I get to be a part of and the friends who inspire and encourage.


Photo by Lovely Roots Photography

After anxious and prolonged waiting, Emily finally lost two teeth and pierced her ears. Both of these facts required a lot of discussion and attention in our household this past year. 

She also discovered a real passion for swimming recently. 

Emily attended a week long camp at Laser's Swim Club in Saskatoon this summer and since then has flown through several levels of their swimming program. She's excited to begin level 3 with Lasers in January and to perfect her butterfly and front crawl.

Emily continues to approach life with kindness and an inquisitive spirit. 

She has been absolutely loving grade one in French Immersion and while she finds it difficult to decide which friends to play with at recess (so many choices), she's managing to get through the day. She also will never come to terms with her parents' decision to deny her a cat, no matter how much money she's saved up.

Thankfully Grandma and Grandpa Ginther usually have a few kittens around.

Emily's a patient and fun older sister and cousin and deeply loves the people around her. Her favourite activities this fall were swimming, Olympians Club at a local baptist church and her piano lessons. She's recently started reading us books and we can't wait to see her imagination take off on this new adventure.


Photo by Lovely Roots Photography

Gabrielle is a force to be reckoned with and a bundle of energy. She has been ready for kindergarten and the bus for quite some time but has resigned herself to finishing out the year of preschool since she's not five until July.

Gabby loves meticulous crafts and intricate colouring but also loves playing outside and her gymnastics class with Miss Debbie. 

She would like to do gymnastics every day but has to settle for an hour and a half a week at this point of life. After several years of refusing to submerse herself (literally) in swimming lessons, Gabby has experienced great strides (strokes?) in her class with K & K Swim and her patient and wonderful teacher McKayla. 

She's proud of her under water prowess and spent a lot of time in the pool practicing on our recent trip to Florida... as well as practicing her royal wave.

Gabby has a keen sense of style that could be described as princess with a side of "annoying to buckle into a carseat." 

When she's not in her favourite royal garb, you can usually find her in her pyjamas. Gabby has a great sense of humour and a giant heart to match her big emotions. She loves her sister and friends, her teachers and her cousins most of all. 

We are so proud of our girls and feel honoured and humbled to get to grow with them in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Both Emily and Gabrielle have accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour and, as a parent, it is so reassuring to know that their futures are held in His hands and not in ours alone.

Photo by Tamara Michelle Photography

It's been a whirlwind year and we would love to connect with you in 2020. We are looking forward to having a home that is specifically set up for hosting company so let us know when you're booking your visit at the Ginther casa!

Our prayer for our family and for yours continues to be from Philippians 1:9-10.

"I pray that your love will overflow more and more, and that you will keep on growing in knowledge and understanding. 10 For I want you to understand what really matters, so that you may live pure and blameless lives until the day of Christ’s return."

Merry Merry Christmas from our little family to yours,

The Ginthers

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