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10 Times Being a Mom Was Exactly Like Being a Blogger

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In life, we women wear a lot of hats. They may range from motorcycle helmet to derby chapeau but the gang bandana we put on when our first child is born is like a pass into a whole new hood... the motherhood.  We members recognize each other in the library, start conversations in grocery store lines and throw animal crackers in the direction of our fellow sisters before they lose their lids dealing with often hangry offspring.


Little did I know that the moment I chose to throw my hat into the blogging ring by choosing a domain name and hitting publish on my first post, I had just accessed a whole new club, the blogger community. This metaphor is getting way out of control so hold onto your hat because here are ten times being a mom was exactly like being a blogger.

1. All the Unfinished Projects.

As a mom, I begin forty-seven tasks a day but accomplish maybe six. Whether your hobby is scrapbooking or decorative laundry piles, sometimes you just close the closet door on that half-done work and call it a day. As a blogger, you might have cryptic notes that are supposed to remind you of brilliant ideas or sixty five drafts saved to finish later.  Either way, the piles keep growing. 

2.  Enthusiastic Cheerleading

Moms celebrate the successes.

Little Jimmy clapped his hands? Call the neighbors! 
Sweet Nora said 'Dada'? Facebook the snot out of that video!
Evie pooped on the potty? HOORAY! 

Bloggers get just as excited for the wins of their bloggy tribe.

April just switched over to Wordpress? Leave an encouraging comment!
Julio's been published on HuffPost? YEEESSSSS! Tweet and pin the heck out of that brilliance!
Georgette's article went viral? PARTY TIME and let's hope she read that post on monetization...

3.  Everything is Scheduled

Naptime is factored into your day but so is your tweet, Facebook update and blog post.
On Tuesdays we have swimming lessons... oh and the weekly email newsletter.
On Fridays we visit Nana... once we tag some Instafriends for #followfriday... You get the idea.

4. The Comments

As soon as you begin to grow a child, your expanding midsection is like a beacon for advice and admonitions from strangers and acquaintances alike. When you start blogging, you're opening yourself up to a world of comments, some helpful and encouraging and some just made for the delete button. At least in cyberspace, there is one.

5. Just one more picture

Two hundred photos of Huntley beaming and slobbering? Every mom knows you need at least six more. Blogging compounds the snap fever. That gorgeous wall? The perfect meal? Your feet? Don't even get me started on the flowers. I can feel bloggers reaching for their iPhones right now. #thatsdarling

6. Imaginary Friends

Elsa. Anna. Your awesome blog friend Tanya from Costa Rica. To a casual onlooker, these people all belong to a fairy tale but they are SO REAL to your toddler... or you.

7. The No Sleep Crew

As a parent, little people with strange internal clocks and a serious aversion to shut-eye will age you quickly and keep you up all night. As a blogger, sometimes you'll find that post you just have to write or that deadline you've been avoiding might just catch up to you in the same way... and at the same time: 3am.

8. If They Aren't in the Club, They Just Won't Get it

Moms, remember the first time a non-parent yawned and muttered, "I'm tired" and then you punched them in the face? After the court-mandated therapy, you realized that it takes one to know one and that one day, they too would understand.
Blogging is sort of the same deal. When your significant eyes glaze over as you enthuse about your Google Analytics bounce rate or your engagement on social media, just channel Elsa, your imaginary friend and let it goooo.

9. But first, Google.

Moms, let's be honest. Our first line of (panic) attack is often google. How do I get my baby to sleep? Is it normal if they ______? What milestone should my child be reaching?

Bloggers, if you've googled mail-subscribe pop-ups, plug-ins and pinterest, welcome to the club.

10. Working Overtime

Moms, Bloggers and Mommy Bloggers, let's be honest: at the end of the day being passionate and seeing the results of your diligent day-in-day-out work makes the long hours and the discouraging days worth it all in the end. I tip my hat to you.

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