Friday, 20 January 2017

Pray With Your Feet - An Open Letter to Christians in America on Inauguration Day

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Dear Family,

I know that I can call you 'family' because even though we haven't met, we've been grafted in to the same tree and the same truth by the same Savior. Just like any family, we have our issues. From that embarrassing uncle to deep deep hurts, we are often dysfunctional, yet here we are. 

Here we are together on President Trump's Inauguration Day. I've seen your Facebook updates. They range from praise to sadness, celebration to despair. I know we could argue values all day. Pro-life, pro-gun, pro-industry, pro, pro, pro. And yet, this Jesus we claim to serve talks so much less about those with the most and so much more about the least. He values transparent weakness and fills it with strength. He calls wisdom foolishness and calls for humility instead of boasting. Instead of bragging speeches, he named the tedious and quiet job of caring for widows and orphans the only real religion. He values the least the most.

I don't know about you but when I look around, I see many least of these: refugees, single mothers, marginalized groups in our communities. I see them looking afraid. I see THEM because I am privileged enough to not be THEM but the truth is, friends, THEY are US. Are we busy with words or are we busy serving angels unaware?

I'm not asking you to check your beliefs at the door,
 I'm asking you to open the door. 

Instead of writing the Facebook update that will polarize and likely hurt many in your social circles, cook a meal for the mother you see struggling. Leave an envelope of cash in the mailbox of the young woman living far from home and working two jobs. Invite the family who is new to the country in for supper. 

I'm not asking you to check your beliefs at the door,
 I'm asking you to walk out the door. 

When you hear a friend from a different background express fear and worry for the future, listen. Ask questions. Find out how you can help. Hold your sermon. Lead to Jesus with His love. They will know us by our LOVE.

I'm not asking you to hide your faith,
I'm imploring you to live it.
I'm asking you to pray with your feet.

Today, this monumental day, we are surrounded by hurt. There is no quote bold enough, no article poignant enough to meet that hurt. Only Jesus. 

So, family, let's stop and reconsider. Instead of ranting, let's help. Instead of lecturing, let's listen. Instead of rejoicing, let's come alongside those who are weeping.  
THEY are Jesus in disguise. 
THEY are angels we interact with unaware. 
THEY are US.

Pray with your feet and I promise you, 
Jesus will change everything, 
starting with you and me. 

Abbie (Your Imperfect Sister in Him)

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