Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Emsculpt with Dr. Kristyn Insley

 Hi guys! You might remember back before Christmas when I won the chance to try a procedure called Emsculpt at Dr. Insley's Clinic in Saskatoon. 

I promised I'd share my experience with you and since the results take 4 weeks to show up properly, now is the time! First of all...

What is Emsculpt?

Basically, Emsculpt is a non-surgical way to burn fat and increase muscle tone in a specific part of your body. For 4 1/2 hour sessions in a 2 week period, I lay on my back and had a large paddle strapped to my stomach. 

The procedure felt like strong contractions during that time period and then... that's it! For the glute/butt area, same deal but one paddle per side while I lay on my stomach for half an hour, 4 times in 2 weeks. 

It feels really funny!!
During each half an hour session, my stomach (and butt) contracted 20,000 times. That's a lot of crunches and squats!

Dr. Insley has more info about Emsculpt right here.

Does it hurt?

No but it feels really really weird. The best description I can think of is labour contractions. The giant paddle pulls all your muscles up and then releases them, over and over, with varying speed and force. I posted some videos over on my Instagram following my experience so you can see the machine in action by clicking through the videos here (also find them under my highlights on Instagram @grumblinggrace)

Some people have muscle soreness the days following the procedure (just like you'd done a workout the day before), but I didn't find that to be the case for me. I felt completely normal the next day.

What's the downside?

Honestly, there wasn't one. I guess finding the time to do four 30 minute sessions in two weeks? There was no prep work or homework to go along with this treatment and zero downtime. I can personally feel reluctant to head into any sort of beauty businesses (spas, wellness, clinics) because it's a little intimidating but I have to tell you that Dr. Insley's whole team is the most genuine, kind and welcoming community. They went through everything thoroughly, made sure I was comfortable during the entire process and made me feel completely at ease. I highly recommend them!!


Let's just say that four weeks after my treatment, I was a little nervous to go in for my 'after' photos. I'd eaten my weight in desserts at Christmas (and my birthday) and January is typically when my motivation to work out completely disappears. This year is no exception. At my weigh-in, I actually weighed MORE during my 'after' day than I did back in December (surprise, surprise)

However, I knew that I felt more fit through my core and butt. Since having two kids, I do try to work out consistently and consider myself fairly strong. After Emsculpt, I felt like I was engaging my core properly and completely. I could also engage my glutes better and have less back pain! These were benefits I wasn't expecting. I can see Emsculpt being an awesome option for women looking to regain their abdominal strength after childbirth and for anyone dealing with diastasis recti. 

Anyway, back to my results. 

This isn't one of those extreme workout/diet before and afters. It's an honest-to-goodness mom bod in real life. This is the part where I warn you you're going to see another side of me. My five-year-old laughed for 10 minutes and then said, "Who are you sending pictures of YOUR BUTT??" so I'm setting a great example for my children over here...

Despite not changing my lifestyle one bit, my body showed significant changes. I lost 7 cm of diameter around  my upper waist (I carried my kids really high during pregnancy and it's an area that never really bounced back for me). Look at the way my actual muscles changed in my upper ribs.

Well, now we've all seen my bits on the internet, so that's nice. 

My total results were a loss of 7cm on my upper abdomen, 7 cm on my mid abdomen and 4cm on my lower abs. 

I am super impressed with my results. Go follow Dr. Insley on Facebook and Instagram to see all the real people before and afters from their clinic and all the services they provide!

Let me know if you have any questions I didn't cover about my experience and don't hesitate to contact Dr. Insley's clinic to check out Emsculpt for yourself.


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