Thursday, 27 December 2018

The 2019 Sister Clothing Challenge - A New Year's Resolution

Sometimes you just need a kick in the pants. 

Winter creeps up on me every year. I start slacking on the exercise, the healthy eating and the good habits. In 2019, I want to just keep up the healthy habits. That's it. More of the good, less of the bad. More reading, less TV. More outside, less inside. You get the picture. 

However, my sister and I have a little challenge that probably checks the New Year's Resolution box.

Here's our formal and binding contract for 2019:

We will not buy clothing, outerwear, activewear, bathing suits, shoes, accessories and jewellery. *Exclusions include underwear and socks.

We can borrow, trade, pillage, and receive gifts.

If one of us violate this contract, that person must make a public declaration of guilt written by the other party, give the item purchased to the other person and allow the other sister to choose any item of their choice from one's wardrobe. *No takesy-backsies.  

Referees include husbands, friends, store employees and the general public.

From now to January 1st, 2020.

 So... we'll see how that goes. We'll be talking about how this changes our lifestyle as we go along so stay tuned!

It might seem like a strange undertaking for me as I'm co-beginning an apparel business with my lovely friends Deena and Rachel (follow along at Salt and Light here), but actually I think it will be the best thing ever. Our goal is to provide women with versatile pieces that will make you want to wear them again and again and style them lots of fun ways. I hope that by channeling my fashion energy into the incredible curated pieces for Salt and Light, I'll really narrow down my own choices and make them quality over quantity, style and substance. 

Wish me luck.
Photo by Lovely Roots Photography

Have you ever tried a downsizing challenge? Give me all the tips, please!

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