Monday, 22 October 2018

Family Photos: A Fave Fall Tradition

Photo by Lovely Roots Photography
As I was thinking about fall traditions for my post today over on The Blended Blog, I took a few minutes to look back on family photos from the last six autumns. 

Taking a yearly photo has become an unintentional fall tradition in the Ginther house. Every year around this time I start thinking about the yearly Christmas card but as I glanced through the memories, I realized what a fun snapshot of life our yearly family photos create. 

I thought I'd share a few here. It's kind of fun to see our kids grow (and us age exponentially)...

Childless... by Kristen Dawn Photography

Baby in tow...
Toddler on the loose...
So tired...
Still tired... by Photos by Brenda
Loud... Photo by Tamara Michelle Photography
Even louder! Photo by Lovely Roots Photography

What are some of your fave fall traditions? 

I'd love to add a few more to our family repertoire and make sure you head over to our link up on The Blended Blog for some other great ideas!

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