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5 Fave Finds from the Blended Blog's Hilton Head Meet Up

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I've had a lot of questions about the recent girls' trip I enjoyed with six great friends. In case you're wondering, I'm a (lackadaisical) member of The Blended Blog, a group of gals from all ages and stages who blog across the U.S. and Canada. 

Each year, we try to meet up somewhere fun for a long weekend of brainstorming, blogging and a whole lot of laughter. This is the first year I've been able to make the official meet up and when we gathered in Hilton Head, South Carolina, it was honestly... awesome. The beauty, creativity, laughter and friendship in the room was contagious (also germs, because I was sick as a dog and I'm very good at sharing).

However, blogging isn't the only passion we gals share. Let's talk SHOPPING. If shopping was an Olympic sport, it's been mentioned that I might be a Canadian contender. I feel this is grossly exaggerated, okay, husband reading this??

We hit up Savannah's outlets and we were not disappointed...
Please note that I have the smallest bag

There were many steals to be had (of the legal variety) as evidenced by our vehicle's tested capacity...

Because there were so many fun stores in Georgia and South Carolina (and not at all because I have a shopping problem)I decided to break my favourites up into 5 categories: shirts, pants, boots, bags and dresses. Here we go!


1. SHIRTS: This little shirt from J.Crew was so flattering, lightweight and versatile that I bought it in two colours (it was $14.99. Don't judge me)

 I love that it's fitted but still a bit loose and I think the contrasting buttons make it pop. It was perfect for a casual sweltering day exploring downtown Savannah...

It's also right at home in our Canadian fall. The pants below have to make my top five list as well.

2. PANTS:  I found the floral tie-wait pants above at Express and they are the most comfortable, pajama like material in such a fun print. I feel like I'll be dressing them up and down in both summer and winter. 

3. BOOTS: I've been looking for a cute pair of booties and I found them at Target! Here's a great shot of them from Deena who was judgmentally photographing my candy intake:

Here's another great photo of them in which Deena is (once again) judgmentally photographing my suitcase purchasing just because I've coincidentally decided to purchase an additional suitcase after shopping (again)

You can clearly see Sarah's outrage over Deena's behaviour.
 Which leads us into another category...

4. BAGS: Let's just say that the south had the most fun prints ever. The above photo was taken at Vera Bradley and I'm so glad we were introduced. The luggage I purchased was 80% off, such a fun print and rolls like a dream. The smaller quilted bags (modeled by Sarah above) are so lightweight and functional as extra carry-on or weekend-away options. I blame Katie for introducing me to a new obsession. Thanks a lot, Katie.

A close second in the bag department was the Hilton Head based business, Spartina
Some of the girls took home this fun little wristlet as a souvenir from our trip: 

Sea Islands Scout Wristlet
I came home with this little beauty...
Ava Phone Crossbody

but the patterns and details on all the bags were absolutely beautiful. Don't even click through those links unless you're looking for a great Christmas present.  

5. DRESSES: In this current stage of life at home with my kids, I don't have much need of dresses unless I can wear them to church or out to holiday parties. Luckily I found two dresses that fit this criteria.

The first dress I can't wait to style this winter was on a phenomenal sale at Kate Spade. It fit so nicely and has such classic lines that I took one home for my sister as well. I'll wear it to church but I absolutely would have worn this in the classroom too.

Thanks for the photo, DEENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #alwayswatching  Kate Spade Bow Tie Crepe Dress
The second dress that I can't wait to jazz up for the holidays is this jacquard knit dress from Michael Kors:

Related image
Sadly, this is not me but you get the idea. Image via Look and Love with Lolo

So those are my top five but if I had to add a bonus brand (twist my arm), I need to mention that we visited the flagship Lilly Pulitzer store in Hilton Head and the patterns and colours sang sweet summer. I was able to find some jaw-dropping deals that I can't wait to wear on the beach in Hawaii with my family this winter! I'll keep you posted. 

In the meantime, check out the other ladies' fashion finds and fun by clicking through the graphic below! 

If you need me, my husband will likely have checked me into shopping rehab so please come rescue me soon...

Deena | Abbie | Lana | Shaunacey | Katie | Alison | Sarah

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