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Getting the Hair You Want - Microbead Weave Extensions with Passions Beauty Studio

This year I'm talking all about the things you may want to try but you don't know where to start. For me, I've been eying up hair options.

Since having my kids, I find my hair grow to a certain length and then just STOPS. Add to that the strange colour changes, little fuzzies and it's not a lovely picture. 

This is as long as it gets. Plus the front doesn't grow. WAH!
I've experimented with various clip-in extensions for fun in the past but hated the highly noticeable line of extensions it it was windy or my hair parted. Plus, sometimes they just plain fell out if I sneezed or a child yanked on my hair. You get the idea. On top of all that, I didn't find the clips very comfortable to wear.  

Enter Passions Beauty Studio, an award winning local salon. While I knew Passions offered beautiful tape-in extensions, when I heard they were also offering Moda Capella Microbead-Weave Hair extensions, I was so excited to try them. 

The wefts (strips) of hair used for this process can be used over again for up to a year, which, if you're investing in extensions is a great feature. I also love that rather than reapplying the extensions as your hair grows, the tiny round metal beads holding the extensions in place just needed to be tightened up every 4-6 weeks. This is much less time, hassle and cost than reapplying extensions. 

However, I wasn't sure what to expect. Would it take 9 hours? Would it hurt? Would it look natural? 

The staff at Passions is so easy-going and accommodating I immediately felt at home. 

Also a tad nervous...
Chelsey, the owner (and hair genius) began by making sure the extensions matched perfectly and then began applying the three wefts of hair, the lowest near to the bottom of my hair line, the second around my ear level and the top around the crown of my head. 

Measuring the midde weft to my head size.
 The wefts of hair felt secure and snug but not in any way painful. Because of the beading process, there were no bumps or visible lines on my head. 

Weaving the middle weft into my hair line and securing in place with microbeads.

The weaving process took about an hour. I couldn't believe how quickly and seamlessly it went. 

All the hair!!

The Passions staff are highly skilled hair artists so the hair was positioned perfectly to fall in the most natural way on my head. 

Before the cut and styling.
That's a lotta hair!

Chelsey flawlessly blended my hair with the Moda Capella extensions to create subtle layers and texture. The tiny beads are invisible with my hair up or down, which I love because I often pull my hair up.

After blending, this is the amount of length Chelsey was able to add while still having the illusion of completely natural hair. 
Seriously mindblowing!!

As a mom of two rascals, I knew that was a little long for my life, so I asked if we could trim it a little more. Here's my perfect length:

Fullness, healthy shine and length added!
After that, Chelsey styled me up in under ten minutes...

Love it!
and I was ready to hit the road!

So happy with my hair! Thanks, Chelsey!

I was immediately thrilled with my results but I wanted to wait about a week to see how styling and living with my extensions would go before blogging about it... because MOM LIFE.

Still loving it...
Since the rows of hair and beads are applied close to the hair line, for the first two days I was aware of them. It felt the way a tight ponytail might. Not painful, but noticeable. I sleep on my stomach with my head to the side, so had no issues with the beads pressing on my head, but even lying on my back felt like I forgot a hair elastic in there, which is not a major inconvenience. 

Two days later after a loooonnnng day...
They hold up all day... better than I do...

The hair, while full and thick, hasn't added a lot of weight to my head, which is really nice.  After the first two days, the slight tension I felt from the beads disappeared completely. Styling my hair has been a breeze and I feel like I actually use less tools because a lot of my hair is blended into the longer strand. 

I'm never giving up the messy top-knots...
Yup. Mom life.
Because my hair is naturally curly, I do find that I need to quickly run a straightener over the bottom layers to blend it with the extensions if I'm wearing it down, but this takes under a minute. 

I wear my hair up a lot (see here: 4 Ways to Spice Up Your Mom Bun in Under a Minute) and I haven't had to adjust any styles to hide extensions. My hair moves and looks completely natural. 
All updos with ZERO hint of extensions!

The first time I washed my hair, I felt a little nervous about it but because of the high quality of the wefts, it is just like caring for my real hair. Washing, drying and styling take a little more time (since my hair is longer) but is surprisingly low-maintenance. I only wash my hair twice a week (I do SHOWER, people), so it's been fun to create various up-dos that the extra length allows. 

So, in conclusion, while all extensions are definitely an investment and require some upkeep, I am SO impressed with how low-maintenance these have been so far, how beautiful they look and I ABSOLUTELY recommend them!

These extensions ran me under HALF of the other option I had been considering, a quarter of the time to apply them and are much less upkeep. 

I think these Moda Capella Hair Extensions are an incredibly affordable deal for the quality of the hair and flawless styling by the talented Passions staff. 

Right now, Passions Beauty Studio is advertising a flat fee of $100 to apply these incredible extensions! For a full cost estimate (because prices range depending on the length and colour of the hair wefts you require), you can set up a quick fifteen minute consultation with the Passions staff. They are so friendly and practical and will give you a realistic idea of what you can expect, lengthwise and pricewise! They will also match your hair colour perfectly.

Annnndddd... if you aren't already excited about this incredible deal... check out this GIVEAWAY! 

Chelsey and Passions are offering one lucky lady a FREE application of the Moda Capella Hair Extensions! That means the only cost to you is the hair wefts!

Head on over to Facebook or Instagram to like Passions Hair Studio and share this post to enter the contest!  

Full details on Facebook and IG. Contest is open to people willing to travel to the Saskatoon area to have extensions applied.

This post was in collaboration with Passions Beauty Studio but all opinions, as always, are my own.

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