Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Mom Must-Haves: the One Stop Gift Guide for Her

It's almost that time of year again and if your family's anything like mine, they might benefit from just a few detailed lists hints in the gift department...

A treadmill? A scale? A grocery card? A gym membership? A life insurance policy?

"Ummmm.... thank you."

It's time to stop the madness.

"Great. New underwear. Just what I wanted..."

Speaking of madness, don't try this one at home no matter what Pinterest says...

Sorry baby Gabby. This explains your curly hair.

Now that we're in the festive spirit, here's my Christmas secret: 


I love good deals and great products. Also, I love it when I can order online when I can't get to the store. As a teacher, there've been numerous times when I've rushed to my local Walmart at 7am to grab last minute essentials, so it's no surprise that Walmart carries a fantastic selection of quality, on-trend Christmas gifts at amazing prices...

Whether your husband is clicking a link in November or rushing to the store at 11pm Christmas Eve, I've got you covered so he doesn't come home with a non-returnable ceramic goose he panic-purchased at a garage sale he mistook for a craft show... Hypothetically.

I've put together a list of some gift ideas ‘for her’ I know I would love to receive – that I hope will help you put together your wish list too (hint, hint, husband)

1.  Adorable Outdoor Accessories

Winter is all about staying warm. The cuter the better.  

It's tough to know where to start with sizing for most clothes but he won't need sizing info to pick out a hat and mitts! This Canadiana toque, mittens and scarf combo is my absolute favourite pick. I love the quality of these items and the buffalo plaid stays in year after year.
Pair with some chocolate for a gift that will keep her toasty and happy.

The best thing about accessories is no matter how many chocolates you eat, you can be sure to squeeze into your cozy mitts.

 Let's take this inside...

 2. A cozy winter blanket. 

A cozy throw is stylish and FUNCTIONAL. Walmart has an incredible selection of throws. This gorgeous Knit to Sherpa Throw by Hometrends is only $20 with the coziest fluffy lining. I want to live in it.

Top off the gift with her favourite magazine or a bestseller and the comfiest slippers (these are the Canadiana Women's Knit Booties), and WHABAM. The stuff of Christmas dreams.
Or why not add in these Christmas pajamas and a delicious Mainstay's Warm Apple Pie candle? 


... Up to sNOw good? Always.

If your husband wants to up his brownie points (and get on board the Buffalo plaid obsession train), I also recommend this cozy Sunbeam cabin HEATED throw for only $60.

Toss in a home style magazine and these oversized graphic Canadiana Expressions Mugs (only $20 for the set of 4!).

Nailed it. Might as add these cheeky socks for the stocking while you're at it. 

 3. Sparkle & Shine - Self Care. 

I am a sucker for gift-sets. They are such a fun and affordable way to check out new products. These three are my current face faves for the lady on your list who needs a little pampering. 

You cannot go wrong with this Olay Refresh and Recharge Gift Set - their new mineral cleanser is rocking my world. This set is a steal at $15! I may have already cracked into mine. 

Santa's little elves bring the sparkle and shading with the e.l.f. Amazing Angles 2 Piece Contour Set (especially now that the summer tan is loonnnnnng gone) and a fancy set of new brushes that no one ever splurges for themselves is the perfect finale for any fancy faced gal.

 4. Eye Candy, Ear Candy, Candy Candy. 

Men, this secret is for you: the bralette is your friend. 

It's sexy, cute and comes in understandable sizes like SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE (check the inside of one of her shirts, I believe in you). She'll love it because it's so comfy and you'll love it because... lace, red, vavavoom. This George Women's Racerback Lace Bralette is 100% on my list. Eye candy? Check. At only $14, might as well pick it up in black too...

And of course, perhaps a general life rule should just be "when in doubt, add candy." 
Like my favourite -  Lindt Lindor Candy Cane White Chocolate.

Don't forget the Ear Candy! These Wicked Audio Bandido Wireless Headphones ($45) are adorable with rose gold buds and white cords. 

Blocking out the noise of one's offspring to the tune of any podcast or 90s rap classical music will bring your lady's stress level down 100%... at least it works for me. They're perfect for around the house or at the gym.

5. All You Need is Love. 

Last but not least, the best thing on every mom's list is her family. The "perfect" pictures may fade...


But the love and the reason for the season lasts a lifetime. 

Merry Christmas, friends and happy shopping, husbands! ;-)

Thanks to Walmart for making it fun, easy and affordable to find gifts tailored for each individual on your list.

This post is sponsored by Walmart Canada as part of the Walmart Christmas Decor program. In exchange for this post, I have received perks in the form of products and/or compensation. Of course, as always, all opinions on this blog are my own.

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