Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Getting Hygge With It

I know, I know, HYGGE is soooo 2016 (and it *might* not be pronounced like that), but I just started sleeping through the night again recently so excuse me while I catch up.

For those of you wondering what I'm talking about (or why Autocorrect hates me), "Hygge" is the Danish mindset of coziness, gratitude and general sense of purposeful well-being. I probably grossly oversimplified that since I just read an entire book (thanks Deena!) attempting to define Hygge (The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well). 

Oh well. 

Here are the Abbie (mis)interpreted highlights:

1.  Hygge is a concept that was created to combat long miserable winters. (CHECK)

 2. Using gratitude, small everyday pleasures, creating a homey and warm home environment and safe, casual, small social gatherings, Danes stay happier than everyone else. 

3. They like cozy nooks. 

4. They like soft and cozy lighting. 

5. Add cake and desserts. 

6. Make everyday life fun and lovely.

The end.

So basically, I'm on board. Cake, people. 

Honestly, Hygge seems like common sense paradise for introverts. Invite people over but only three or four of them. Don't overplan. Don't overextend yourself. Eat the desserts.

I've been lighting all the candles and enjoying comfy sweaters and making tea to share. Nathan keeps asking why there are blankets everywhere as he stumbles over throw pillows and snuffs out fire hazards (his words, not mine). It's been pretty enjoyable so far.

In fact, this Christmas season, I'm going to Hygge it up.

Presence over presents.

Fellowship over fraternizing. 

Comfy over couture.

Hot chocolate instead of shovelling the driveway
Okay, that one didn't have the same ring to it.

In essence, Hygge is a good reminder to settle in. To get comfy in our own lives in our own skin in our own homes with real live people and real good food. It's a tangible way to remember to give thanks, to be right where we find ourselves and appreciate those in front of us. To savour more. To listen. To pause.

To live in the light. To do Christmas like a child. 

To embrace quiet and move forward in peace.

 So Hygge Christmas! I'm off to rustle up a few more chocolates. Come on by anytime.

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