Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Styled by Someone Else with The Blended Blog

Well hello there, lovely humans. I haven't been posting very much lately but I'm getting my life in order, the kids are fed, the laundry's done (too far. just kidding) and I'm glad to be back for some fun with The Blended Blog!

Today Christy, Leslie and I are sharing our looks styled by someone else. Usually when I need style advice I head straight for my sister (or her closet) but she's kind of far away so today my two fashion critics are none other than my husband and my three-year-old. I kid you not.

First up, from Haus of Ginther, my husband styled look.

Normally Nathan's input on fashion is that haunted look men get when we ask the dreaded, "Does this look okay?" or worse yet, "Do I look fat in this?" so when I asked him to pick me an outfit, he thought I was kidding. He got over it and adapted his original suggestion to a slightly more mom blog friendly look: casual jeans and a white tee with boots. 


1. During the process, I discovered Nathan likes lighter wash jeans. Most of my jeans are dark wash, so... that's nice. 

2. I don't have one white t-shirt my husband likes. He hates v-necks. Too loose. No. Etc. He finally went for this fairly worn-in long-sleeved tee with very light wash jeans, brown boots and my Tiny Inspirations necklace

3. Hair request: ponytail.

Would I wear this outfit? Not exactly as is but it's nice to know that all I apparently have to do to look great to Nathan is find a worn-in t-shirt and jeans and voilà. Perfection (cough). I don't know if this is because he's the best guy ever or because I've been setting the fashion bar so so low while I've been home with the kids. Either way, #winning.

Look Numéro Deux - Three's Company

Honestly, when I asked Emily to pick me an outfit, I wasn't sure what she was going to say but she took it seriously. I brought her into my closet, explained that I was going to wear whatever she chose and she was pretty excited. 


1. I'm surprised she didn't pick a dress because she's in princess mode 24/7.

2. Why does everyone like white(ish) tops so much?

3. Those red pants stand out, even in the closet. Maybe that's why she picked them. 

4. I haven't worn actual boots yet this season except for these two occasions. BOOTIES. Maybe it is time to break out the boots.


It was pretty fun to involve Emily in the getting dressed process. I think she has great style and she was so proud to have picked my clothes, necklace and boots included. I wasn't surprised that she wanted my hair down. She still thinks I'm a terrifying monster with my hair up, in case you missed this video of her being disgusted by me ...

I would wear this outfit exactly as she styled it, although Emily did get a tad miffed when I wouldn't wear it to the gym the next day. In full disclosure, she picked out rubber boots first and then changed her mind (with zero coercion. For real) and that wasn't my favourite look.

Concludiest conclusion:

All in all, this was a fun little experiment that led to getting to know my husband and daughter better and also made me think about parts of my life in which I do whatever I want without even really knowing what the people closest to me think. While I may not give over my closet keys anytime soon, I might do it again more often. 

What about you? Would you (or have you) ever let your significant other or a child under five style your look?  

Let me know below and then make sure to head over to The Blended Blog to read the rest of the gals' experiences right here!

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