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Savvy Curls - The Life Hack Your Hair Needs

There once was a girl who had a little curl...

Good morning, friends! Have I got a hair-curling life hack to share with you today. I know I already raved about my favourite shampoo and conditioner, but let's talk about my new favourite styling tool, Savvy Curls.

I came across the Savvy Curls headbands on Instagram and my first thought was "That looks easy!" My second (and third and fourth) thought was "Hmmm, I wonder if that ACTUALLY works. I wonder if that's comfortable. I wonder if that would stay on my head." 

So when I got a chance to test out the Savvy Curls Convertible Wrap, I jumped at it. Here it is.
Okay. Looks promising and pretty cute.
My hair is wavy, thick and processed so I was really attracted to the no-heat perfect curls that Savvy Curls promotes. I normally only wash my hair in the morning because if I wash it at night, I have seven different parts and some really interesting cowlicks come morning time. My hair DOES hold curl, but I usually end up fixing a few strays with a curling iron and that's damaging and time consuming.  

Plus, as all moms know, the morning is not ideal to spend EXTRA time doing things like SHOWERING or doing one's hair, so generally I just end up a mom-bunned mess while my children look like Baby Gap ads.

Okay, those feet look pretty filthy too. Whoops.
Anyway, the idea of wearing a headband at night and waking up with PERFECT CURLS sounded too good to be true. I had to try it. 


I put the wrap on at night and apart from one false start (where my doorbell rang and I panicked and ripped it out before answering. No, I do not want to buy home security from a 19-year-old door-to-door canvasser, but thank you for waking up my children), it was easy to wrap up and off to bed I went

Here I am the next morning (if you follow me on Snapchat this is old news). 

The Savvy Curls Convertible Wrap stayed in place no problem (please ignore the postpartum frizz growing back in) You can also probably see that I placed the bottom loop of the headband at the base of my hair line and the second loop about halfway up my head. 

Here's a glamorous moment with me taking my hair out of the wrap. 

 You're welcome. 

Since I had placed the second loop halfway up my head, my curls started halfway up my head (mind blown). 


Here's the AFTER photo! I pinned two strands back with a bobby pin.
Shock and awe, people! Shock and awe. Also, that's toothpaste on the mirror, not something strange stuck to my butt. You're welcome again.
A few observations from my first attempt:
  • I would wait until my hair was ALMOST dry next time. The curls were fabulous, full of volume and stayed in for two days with no problem but my hair was still slightly damp when I took the headband off. I think if you have straighter hair, you might lose some curl if your hair wasn't completely dry coming out. 
  •  I wrapped my hair fairly tightly These curls are SPRINGY! If you wrap your hair more loosely... you guessed it, looser curls.


I didn't get to play with my wrap again for a few weeks because I moved and I packed it. In the meantime, I got a haircut so I was interested to see how the convertible wrap would work with my new mom cut chic lob.

This time I had clean dry hair that had not been styled AT ALL. In fact, I had major hat hair.

Yup. That's hot. In this photo, Nathan and I are explaining to the girls where babies come from. Done and done.
So that's what I was starting with. I water spritzed and brushed my hair so it was just slightly damp and this time I placed one wrap at the nape of my neck and one quite high on my head, where a normal headband would be placed. 
And here's how it looked when I wrapped the top.
I'm aware some people might actually PART their hair in some slightly more lovely way but I was just going to bed. Deal with it.
Basically just stunning all around.

Anyway, the next morning, my hair was completely dry and my curls started right from the top of my head!


This is with zero product in my hair and one bobby pin to mask the painful growing-out of my bangs.
 PART 3: 

Last but not least, I decided to try out the wrap without the second band. The second loop of the convertible wrap snaps off and leaves the single wrap!

I actually sort of love the look that the single wrap gives.

I would wear it out of the house no problem, especially since Savvy Curls has a whole variety of headband colours and styles.
Send me your eye cream recommendations stat. Wear sunscreen, kids.
For me with my naturally wavy shorter hair, the results of using the single band and taking the wrap off after only an hour resulted in looser beachy waves.


Basically, I LOVE this product because...

1. It takes about two minutes to wrap your hair in the headband, even with the double (convertible) wrap.

2. It is pillow soft and not annoying to sleep in at all (one of my worries) and stays put. 

3.It gave me great curls that lasted for two days with awesome bounce and minimal product with NO WORK and NO DAMAGE.

4. I love the variety of easy styles I can pull off with NO WORK (getting the theme here? I'm lazy) and the fact that I can wear the single wrap out of the house as a hair-do.

5. The price is awesome. $23.99 for a single or $36.99 for a convertible (double) wrap is cheaper than any quality curling wand or straightener and basically what you would pay for any salon shampoo or conditioner! I honestly love mine and WHOLLY recommend this product. 

But don't take my word for it. TRY IT OUT, LADIES! If this interests you, you can find Savvy Curls on Instagram, Facebook and their website.

I'm also teaming up with Savvy Curls to give away a single wrap over on IG so make sure you get in on the contest if you're based in the U.S. or Canada! It ends Wednesday evening at 9pm so get over there!

I received a convertible wrap from Savvy Curls but all opinions, as always, are my own!

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