Tuesday, 16 August 2016

I Prayed For this Child - with Modern Burlap

I can't believe my Gabby girl is already a year old. This last year at home with my girls was so hard but so good and Gabrielle is the most joyful member of our household. She just shines. 

Most of the time...

With both my girls, while I know there's no comprehensive list of items that will suit every mom, one of my top mom must-haves are muslin swaddle blankets. If you've read any of my travel posts, then you know that I rave about these lightweight, large and versatile baby blankets because I use them as nursing covers, lightweight sun protection, on the go wipes, comfort lovey, burp cloths, and oh yeah... actual swaddle blankets.

Enter Modern Burlap. 

Their swaddles come in vivid black and white patterns and prints. Not only are they eye-catching, they're meaningful practical art. I love their variety of patterns, designs and verses.

When I perused their many options, this one immediately caught my eye.

This verse resonates with me, as I know it does with so many precious families waiting and hoping for a child. It's a celebration. It's a song of thanks to God from Hannah who has been granted the desire of her heart. I love the story of Hannah. She brings her pain and her desire for a child to God and he blesses her with a son, Samuel (meaning, God has heard). But what I really admire about Hannah is her continued unwavering commitment to have God's will done in her life and in her children's lives. If you keep reading, you'll find that Hannah brings Samuel to serve God with the priests as soon as he's weaned. Her family must have thought she was nuts. She wanted a child so badly and then as soon as her only child becomes a toddler, she sends him away. She saw the big picture and the big picture is the best thing in the entire world for her son (even over her own love and care) was knowing God and living in His plan for Samuel's life.

Now that I'm a mom, I struggle with this one. Okay God. I need your help and I want your blessing but am I truly willing to hand you my kids? Am I willing to say 'Your will be done'? Am I ready to step outside my own culture's obsession with safety and comfort being equated with good parenting? 

Don't get me wrong. I want my girls to be safe and it's my job to keep them safe within the realm of my ability but lately I've been reminded that I am just a gatekeeper for these incredible human souls. I prayed for these children but God knows them and loves them extravagantly more than me.

I don't know about you, but for me, that's a relief. A letting go. Often, I find I am learning the same lessons over and over again. As my girls grow, I need to daily surrender my control issues and be present with them in the day God has granted us. To rest in this time and know that they are His but that I am so blessed to be part of their growth. To look forward in expectation. To say, "What do you have for us today, Father?

To see Hannah's prayer as an every day a reminder of His faithfulness and love in my life and in my children's lives.

I prayed for this child and God has granted me what I asked of Him.

If you love Modern Burlap as much as I do, their swaddles are high quality and make the most beautiful and meaningful baby gifts! Check them out on their website, on Facebook and on Instagram

*I received a beautiful swaddle blanket from Modern Burlap but all opinions (as always) are my own.

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