Friday, 29 July 2016

ShepStitched by Sarah

Photo via ShepStitched
Something about homemade quality cozy products gets me every time. 

If it's made of yarn and it's adorable, I'm basically sold. Fortunately for me, one of my close friends is incredibly talented in the yarn department. Sarah from ShepStitched has me hooked (get it?) on her homemade mittens, boot cuffs, headbands and scarves.

Photo via ShepStitched
Right now, you're probably wondering why on earth I'm talking about knitted goods in AUGUST. Has the heat gotten to my brain? Is it the stress of moving? Is it the mom brain?


*Not this time.

Lately, Sarah's expanded her shop to include kids' and baby items and I am obsessed.

Honest to goodness obsessed.

Is it because every piece is lovingly handmade? Is it the metaphor of hours of tiny loops and consistent rows painstakingly repeated that end up creating a masterpiece? 

Photo via ShepStitched
Who knows. 

Maybe I'm hormonal because I'm (FINALLY) just about done breastfeeding my baby and that might mean I won't have a baby for much longer, but a TODDLER. 

Maybe it's because I have not one ounce of talent for sewing or knitting or art, but everything Sarah creates turns to magic times infinity when it's for mini-humans.

Whatever it is, I love it.

To give you an example of the incredible handiwork ShepStitched makes, this one time I happened to mention that Emily was obsessed with Ariel and then... ummm... this happened.

Why yes, that IS a mermaid blanket.
Do I use this blanket? Heck yes I do. Who doesn't want to be a MERMAID?

And then Sarah got wild with Emily's favourite colour and that went over... well... AMAZINGLY.

Then this other time, I happened to mention I wanted to find a baby quilt for my new niece or nephew I can't wait to meet this fall...

And then this happened...

C'mon Peanut. Auntie wants to meet you PRONTO.

These three may be breaking in the crib, but that blanket's ready for someone very special!
Okay, you get the idea. Sarah is wildly talented but she is crazy busy since she's multi-talented, between teaching, knitting and coaching! 

If you love what she's creating, you can find her on Etsy, on Facebook and on IG and I know you'll love following ShepStitched because the photos are so gorgeous, they make me want to learn to knit stuff. Did I mention I am NOT crafty? Plus, Sarah posts new items as they come available and they go like hot cakes!

I know you're probably already drooling on Etsy but take a minute to get in on THIS:

Because Sarah's so awesome, she is offering a handmade baby heart blanket to one member of the Grumbling Grace community!!

Photo via ShepStitched

To enter:
1. Follow Sarah (@shepstitched) and me (@grumblinggrace) on IG!
2. Comment on the contest post with your favourite ShepStitched creation 
3. Tag any friends who might love a ShepStitched original masterpiece for additional entries! 

The contest is open to you if you live in the U.S. or Canada (sorry, awesome international friends) and ends Sunday at 9am CST so don't miss out!

Don't have IG? Like ShepStitched and Grumbling Grace on Facebook and leave a note on ShepStitched's wall with your favourite item.

And as usual, all my email buddies get an additional entry into the draw.

I received a sweet discount on my mermaid blanket but, as always, all opinions are my own! 

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