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Taming the Mom Mane with TOR Salon Products

Let me start by saying that there aren't very many beauty products I have tried and instantly loved, so I am EXTREMELY excited about this post. 
If you've followed my blog for a little while, you may remember that time I couldn't figure out why, no matter how much intensive conditioner I was using, my hair was getting frizzier and frizzier.

Because I was using lotion. That's why.
NOT THE SAME apparently.

Whoops. Lotiongate aside, I work pretty hard to keep my hair in good shape because it is naturally curly (breakable) and processed (breakable). I was a lot blonder before my little ladies arrived (thanks crazy hormones) and although I've tried a few different colours...

This was over the span of 6 months when I decided I could be a brunette/redhead (and yes, I was growing. I was growing Gabby).

I always come back to blonde, which means processing. So let's get real about hair and motherhood for a minute. Kids really do a number on you and your hair is no exception. (Sidenote: Go watch Saturday Night Live's 'Mom Haircut Skit' You're welcome).  

During both my pregnancies, I had long, full, luscious locks because one's belly isn't the only thing that grows during those nine months. After giving birth, I was prepared to lose all the hair I didn't shed during pregnancy, but by four months postpartum I smugly thought I had just missed that experience.


Future moms, a few fun moments to look forward to (for me around 6 months postpartum with both girls) are:
  • pulling out HANDFULS of hair in the shower and wondering if someone has replaced your shampoo with Nair,
  • your vaccuum cleaner seizing up and refusing to deal with the amount of hairballs it contains and... 
  • obsessively checking your grabby baby for tourniquet syndrome (sorry mom who hadn't heard of that and is now googling in horror).

However, none of these compare to the regrowth. Currently my wavy hair is regrowing all over my head, which means I have long hair and then a RING OF FUZZ, not just at my hair line around my face but anywhere I part my hair. It's too short to smooth down or straighten but long enough to curl strangely

That's ... nice.
Between the hormonal skin and hair regrowth, I'm basically a 5'3 thirty-three-year-old supermodel... which brings me to my point. 

When Tor Salon Products contacted me to review their new shampoo and conditioner, I think I said yes so fast that they might have been worried I wasn't using shampoo and conditioner at all (I was). Outside of my aforementioned hair woes, I was drawn in by Shannon Tor's impressive background. He's an award-winning chemist and product formulator and has worked for some of the world’s most renowned hair care brands, including TRESemme, Nexxus, and VO5.  In his fifteen plus years of experience, his products have won nine beauty awards. He's a degreed chemist and has worked in senior management in research and development for companies such as Avon, Alberto-Culver and Carmex. Basically, if anyone could tame my mane, it was going to be TOR Salon Products.  

Plus, my friend Shaunacey had been raving about their products, so I couldn't wait to test them out.

When I received TOR Shampoo and Conditioner for Medium/Thick Hair, I'll be honest, I was doubtful. Usually I head for the highest conditioning curly hair products in any hair line and I still use a leave-in conditioner for added moisture. I wash my hair two or three times a week (if you're shuddering, you do NOT have curly hair). 

Generally, if I allow my hair to air dry, it looks like this:
That's... also nice.

Since I've been using this shampoo and conditioner exclusively for three months now, it's time to share my thoughts and results (spoiler alert, BEST THING I HAVE EVER PUT ON MY HEAD).

1. The first thing I noticed about my new shampoo and conditioner is that is smells INCREDIBLY GOOD. 

Actually, my sister noticed this immediately too. She had told me the week before that I smelled like men's deodorant (why do so many intensive and expensive hair masks smell like Old Spice? Stupid). So when I busted out the Tor Salon Products, I was extremely and pleasantly surprised at how good they smell.

2. Even the shampoo felt conditioning. 

With wavy brittle hair, usually I can't even run my fingers through it properly until I get to the conditioning stage. My hair felt instantly better as I shampooed. The conditioner? Even better without leaving it on for an extensive period of time.

3. I can let my hair air dry after using TOR products. 

Maybe you need to scroll back up to that photo for a second... Normally AFTER blow drying and calming my hair, I can wrangle it into some style. With this shampoo and conditioner, not only can I let my hair air dry, but it looks and feels less frizzy and much softer.

Selfie face. It's a real problem.
This is a huge win on the hair health scale for me. I have only ever used expensive shampoos and conditioners and I have NEVER been able to just let my hair dry without huge frizz, additional product or a lot of styling time

Here are a few other perks:
  • Improved hair health. I am not even using the MOST conditioning line of TOR products and they have already improved my hair health noticeably. I have thrown out all my other 'meh' half-used bottles of promises. This stuff is the real deal.
  • I don't need to use half a bottle of conditioner every time I wash my hair. It works better than any conditioner I've tried without feeling like I have a full jar of mayo on my head.
  • The longer I've used these products, the better my hair feels. Sometimes I find that after a week or two of products I've liked, they start to build up on my hair or work less well. The opposite has been true here (hence the hair health and not needing so much conditioner).
In case you didn't get the memo, I am hooked on this innovative product line and I am hoping (HINT HINT, SHANNON) that there's a blonde blue toning product (shout out to my my fellow blondes and grannies everywhere), hairspray and mousse coming out soon. I am a complete and utter TOR Salon Products convert.

However, so that I don't sound like a blubbering idiot, I wanted to include some downsides. Here they are:

1. Since I have to order it online (no salons in my area carry this awesomeness yet) I have to wait one to two days to receive shampoo when I run out.

2. My kids still don't let me shower alone.

Okay, obviously I'm reaching here. That's all I've got. I 100% recommend these products and think you should give them a try!

Yay no split ends! Now to wear more sunscreen.

You can purchase TOR Salon and Spa products through their website or exclusive salons near you. You can also follow them on Facebook for ongoing hair tips and updates!

AND if you're in need of some hair TLC, you're in luck! 

TOR Salon and Spa is offering a giveaway for not just ONE lucky winner, but THREE lucky ladies! They are gifting one exclusive shampoo and conditioner set from each of their lines for: 
  1. Fine/thin hair  
  2. Medium/thick hair  
  3. Curly hair
Here's how to enter:

1. Follow myself Grumbling Grace and TOR Salon Products on Facebook.
2. Comment on my Facebook TOR Salon Products post with which of the three hair types describes you best  (fine/thin hair, medium/thick hair or curly hair).
3. Share the Contest Facebook Post for additional entries!

As always, my email friends receive one automatic entry into the draw!   

The contest ends Saturday at 9am CST and is open to residents of  the U.S. and Canada!

This post was in collaboration with TOR Salon Products
but as always, all opinions are entirely my own.

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