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Weighing in on Lipsense - Nonsense or Perfect Sense?

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Ready for my ten cents? Sorry. Couldn't resist.

Do you have friends (or are you that friend) who are extremely enthusiastic about something? 

Maybe it's cleaning products or jewellery or purses or leggings or fitness or... You get the idea. I love supporting friends who are entrepreneurs but I am not a big "party" person and I can be a *tad* cynical about bandwagons and I'm a lazy lazy jumper. Don't get me wrong. Send me an online link and I will buy your Tupperware (except my husband says, please don't.). 

When one of my best friends got enthusiastic about a new lip product, I was moderately interested. I have lips. I use lip gloss. Then she raved about it so much that I wanted to give it a try. It's not lip STAIN. It will last all day. It won't come off on my teeth, my kids, my clothes, etc. 

Okay, I'm in. Let's give this Lip Sense stuff a whirl.

Grumbling Grace, beauty, lipsense, lipstick, review, mom blogger
Lipsense in B. Ruby

Then I was like, "But there are numerous tubes! I can't follow directions! My lips are peeling?! It costs more than drugstore lip-chap. Uh oh." 

Has this ever happened to you with a really good friend? 

I mean, sure, we lived through the boyfriends of cautionary tales together, got real jobs together, graduated university, got our crazy under control, were in each other's weddings and have kids the same age, but maybe it just won't come up. Right?

Ummmm, no. So we talked and she ASSURED me that this happens sometimes in the first week as lips shed dry skin. Dude. My lips ain't dry. Fine. I'll try it for one more week because her advice is basically always solid...


I LOVE IT. Seriously, unabashedly and wholeheartedly. It's always good to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and know what's best for you.

Grumbling Grace, beauty, lipsense, lipstick, review, mom blogger
Lipsense in Bombshell

So now Ashley, the incredible human and always-right-person over at Perfect Pout on the Prairies has got me raving about Lipsense. 

If you're in Canada, you may be just starting to hear about this magical stuff, but if you're in the U.S. (or have the internet) you may have already seen it on Christina Aguilera. I assume you guys just bump into her in Target while eating Chick-fil-A and slurping a Sonic beverage. 

Ashley made me try it and I ended up buying more colours (earmuffs, husband) and now I'm eying up a few more. It's like she knew that would happen or something. 

Here's the low-down: 

Lipsense has simplified my life (if you ever need me to buy into something, simplify my life). 

  • I put on the colour in the morning and apply the gloss on top.  
  • I bring the gloss with me (like I normally would anyway) and reapply it when it wears off.
  • At night, my hair is a complete disaster, my clothes are covered in stains but my Lipsense is still intact. If I want it off or if I mess up the application, I use the remover to get it gone.
Grumbling Grace, beauty, lipsense, lipstick, review, mom blogger
Lipsense in Party Pink AFTER SWIMMING WITH KIDS FOR AN HOUR. Waterproof and blocks the sun? Heck yes.

Reasons why this is awesome:

1. I have a slight overbite (thanks British parents who said my teeth were FINE) and I shy away from lip colour since I usually end up wearing it on my teeth. 
With Lipsense, I can wear BRIGHT colours and there is ZERO transfer. Hello special events or workday perfect.

Grumbling Grace, beauty, lipsense, lipstick, review, mom blogger
Lipsense in Cranberry. Nope. I didn't do my hair because I'm lazy but no one noticed because LIPS.
 2. I love the every day colours that make me look like I just naturally have glowy lovely lips ALL DAY LONG. No reapplying colour or having colour wear off in clumps. #iwokeuplikethis

Grumbling Grace, beauty, lipsense, lipstick, review, mom blogger
Lipsense in Bombshell. Yes I did just put a headband over my unbrushed, unwashed hair and then tuck it in on all sides. #lazyforthewin

3. The gloss makes my lips feel better than they have in years. Once my lips exfoliated, I have no dryness or chapped feeling at all (you were RIGHT, Ashley).

4. The ingredient list is phenomenal. I'm breastfeeding Gabrielle (reluctantly) and I am careful not to use products that have sketchy ingredients... LIKE LEAD. Check your lipsticks, ladies!!

5. It's easy and it makes me feel pretty. SOLD. 

Grumbling Grace, beauty, lipsense, lipstick, review, mom blogger
Lipsense in B. Ruby.

6. It minimized the mess. I'm not just talking about smeary lips. My lip collection was getting out of control. Random liners, glosses, sticks, etc. You get the idea. Ridiculous. Lipsense goes on once, looks like a lipstick (not a lipstain) and stays in place. I can toss the rest.

If you wear (or are looking to wear) lip products, you need to give Lipsense a try. 

Ashley is an exclusive dealer in the Saskatoon area (shout out to my SK ladies) but you can if you're not lucky enough to live in Sask, you can contact her through her Facebook page and IG for colour consultation and shipping to your area.

Contact Ashley for an individual consultation or a fun girls' evening today to try before you buy! She is committed to helping you find your perfect pout and shade of Lipsense (or if you're like me, your five perfect shades)
Make sure to follow Ashley on Facebook and IG for ongoing fun and exclusive offers! 

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