Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Create 28 - Week Two

So I'm really excited to be part of Create 28 with the Blended Blog... but I also get really excited about most of life and then drop the ball on 90% of it. 

I had this outrageous goal of doing all the prompts this week and the ladies showcasing them absolutely rocked it. Here were the prompts from this last week:

but then this week was a hot-mess-mom show. It happens. Sometimes I have it all together and sometimes?

Sometimes you draw eyebrows on the baby and call it a day.

Here's how it went...

1. Fringe. 

How cute is Deena?  Super cute. Duh.

I bought a fringe cardigan once. It was navy and white and gorgeous and THEN I WASHED IT with my clothes. All the tassels melded together into a ball of underwear, baby onesies and sadness. I had to cut them free and say goodbye to fringe. 

You know another meaning for 'fringe'? My British relatives call bangs 'fringe' and every time I cut a fringe, I regret it. 

Trying to drown my "growing out my bangs" feels in ice cream. It's working.
I'm currently in postpartum hair regrowth and basically look like Sonic the Hedgehog (remember him?) all the time. Tomorrow I'm talking about what's been saving my hair, but today, just a sweet lil reminder ladies: 


Ahem. Okay, that's all the life advice I have.


2. Beach bum style with Katie

Hello mom friendly style. If you look like you've just been struck by sea water (red eyes, tousled hair), you've just mastered mom style (#nailedit). Granted, my beach usually looks more like a paddling pool growing its own ecosystem 

Straight outta Snapchat. No shame.
or the sprinkler that always seems like a good idea, but we made it to the pool twice this week and that is close enough. 

Off to the pool. This awesome Lipsense will distract from the rest of my unshowered self. RIGHT?

Plus, my living room contains enough sand from toddler run-off to imagine I'm at the beach and the sound of my baby splashing in the toilet provides that calming ocean sound. Ahhhh... relaxation. 

(Can't bring myself to post that photo again. Check it out in this post).

3. Summer Sundress.

Can I just reference this post? I'm wholly on board. No pants = less choices = win. Leslie rocked a whole bunch of them this week. It was cold this last weekend. No dresses here. Dang it.


4. Bold Bottoms.

My bottom's been pretty bold lately due to the eating of all the things. I'm currently trying to wrangle my rear back into my own pants but I didn't think you'd want to see a photo of that... so instead go check out Christy's awesome patterned bottoms here

Speaking of shrinking, I'm doing THIS phone and technology diet this month. Who's in? Will I fail spectacularly? We'll see. 

BOLD BOTTOMS? Here's a baby bottom for you. Splash park = bath time. #momwin

5. Cook-out Couture

I have been known to barbecue a hot dog my toddler refuses eat to eat with her glass of ketchup with the best of them.  My every-day cook-out couture includes the frazzled-4pm-witching-face (a haunted desperate look paired with twitching and TV remote searching) paired with the mom patchwork collage: spit-up, snot, whatever the toddler wiped on my legs, tears (theirs, mine) and a half eaten snack in one pocket. 

So tired. Am I wearing yesterday's work out clothes? Why? Why is this YOUR BUSINESS?

Luckily for me, Andrea put together these gorgeous summer looks. Now, when I lock the bathroom door, I pull up this post and pretend that I am rocking gingham. It helps that she's blonde and gorgeous. I need someone to aspire to and this lady IS IT! 

6. Summer Swing Dress

Sheila's swing dress IS super cute. I misunderstood this one. Apparently, this is not a dress you wear while pushing your kids OVER AND OVER on the swings.
AGAIN! ... yay?
Which brings us to today... the link-up. Ahem. Well, if these looks don't make you feel better about yours, I'm not sure what will. Happy Hump Day and may the worst day of your (and my) future be better than the best day of your past. 


P.S. Think I can do better for week 3? It can only go up from here...

Check out this week's recap, all the ladies' gorgeous looks and the link-up on The Blended Blog here!

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