Friday, 24 June 2016

Bold Baubles for Babes - Statement Necklaces

If you've followed along with the Create 28 challenge, then you know that today's prompt is "Bold Baubles" and if you've followed along with my blog at all, then you know I'm a sucker for kid friendly style and lazy style.

For bold baubles for little babes, check out Tiny Inspirations!

Plus, I just love mama and me style!

Necklace - Tiny Inspirations
However, even with kids, I especially appreciate versatile pieces that can be dressed up. 

Necklace - Tiny Inspirations
Necklace - Tiny Inspirations

My go-to bold baubles are usually some form of statement necklace because:

1. I rarely lose them.
2. They are inexpensive but class up an outfit.
3. They make you look put-together with very little effort (lazy style all the way).
4. The baby likes to chew on them.
5. No one is ripping them out of my ear lobes.

I am as surprised as you that no one has recruited me as a style icon yet.

Here are a few of my bold baubles making the rounds this summer

First up, from the designer boutique Walmart, this coral collar necklace:  

I'm loving peach and coral with green this season. 

Since I'm at home with the kids right now, I will often just be wearing a t-shirt and shorts, but I find some bold baubles (and a bold lip) can jazz up any outfit... and my bathroom. Here's another Walmart find in another favourite colour, mint.

Lips - Lipsense Cranberry, T-shirt- Little Orchard Co.
And the main admirer of all my choices and the reason there are things strewn in my bathtub...

Lips - Lipsense Cranberry, T-shirt- Little Orchard Co.
I love patterns but lately I've been drawn toward solids and more classic cuts of clothing for church (and eventually, for being back in the classroom). Here are two inexpensive but bold necklaces I've been wearing a lot of with my solid blouses and tanks: 

Lips - Lipsense Cranberry, Necklace - Suzy Shier
Here's the next one and Gabrielle actively trying to eat soap while I take selfies. How am I not a fashion blogger? This photography is really outstanding.

Mom in a dress? Baby in PJs. Hmmmm...
While the photo quality isn't great, you can see that bold baubles just add a little fun and just enough detail to a classic outfit. No fancy hair (or high resolution image) required.

I'd love to see YOUR bold baubles! I hope you join the link-up with The Blended Blog on Wednesday

Here's a reminder of this week's prompts:

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