Wednesday, 22 June 2016

An Easy Go-To Summer Look - Week 3 of Create 28

It's already week three of the Create 28 fashion fun with The Blended Blog! June is flying by. Why doesn't January do that??  

Here were the prompts from this last week:

I kind of love all of these and meant to wear my chambray shirt this week. I think chambray is one of the most versatile summer accessories and I wear my chambray button-ups and plaid button-ups as light sweaters all summer BUT I have zero photographic evidence of this, so you'll just have to take my word for it or check out the link-up below for some fun chambray pairings. 

It's been a busy month so far on the home front. We're gearing up for a move at the end of July and we've had Nathan home a little more the last few weeks so we are soaking up the family time when we can get it and packing up a storm. 

Unfortunately, all this fun doesn't translate into wonderful style. Luckily for me, my partner in crime (and in what moms google), Shaunacey, had the most vague and awesome prompt ever: an easy on-the-go summer look.  

Shout out to YOU, sister wife. 

So, here's my easy on-the-go summer look:

The swing dress or shift dress is such a closet staple. It's comfy, it's cool, it's versatile and it means I don't have to choose pants. 

I've been really loving the off-the-shoulder boho look this season but I feel like it's not terribly practical as a mom on the go. 

This little number has cut-out sleeves which gives that off-the-shoulder look while remaining in place.

It's also long and loose enough to actually wear out when playing with the kids.

Even if that means discovering a rogue pile of poo. Let's hope that's from the dog

And here's how it looks after about 5 minutes out in the real world... or in this case, at the zoo. Comfy, loose and breast-feeding approved. 

Now, excuse me. We're off to the park. 

Join the fashion fun by participating in all Create 28 over on The Blended Blog

Here are next week's prompts to add some pizazz to your summer looks.

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