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Tiny Inspirations & My Top Mother's Day Gift for a New or Expecting Mom

There once was a girl who had a little curl... (Teether : Tiny Inspirations)

I can't even believe that my baby turned nine months old this last week!
TRUTH via Fowl Language Comics
Gabrielle is the sweetest happiest little person but she's also the busiest most determined little person... Thanks to her fast hands, I've called poison control three times in the last month. Just so you know, they are fantastic but there are no "repeat customer" perks. Her hilarity, easygoing nature and adventurous spirit have been so fun to see emerging. From the way she crawls at lightning speed to head butt open her sister's door and wake her up each morning to the kisses she blows after pitching her dinner across the room, Gabrielle is vibrant, intelligent and engaging and I am so so glad this little person is a part of our family!

Who ME?? (Necklace - Tiny Inspirations)
This last month, our largest and overarching dilemma has been TEETHING. This little lady's been popping teeth like CRAZY and is currently cutting four teeth at the same time (#overachiever much?), so when Erica from Tiny Inspirations , an amazing mama of two and small shop boss babe from Winnipeg asked if I'd be interested in checking out her products, I think I responded really calmly, in a somewhat interested manner, "YES!!!!!" 

I headed to peruse her website and was immediately drawn in by her colour and style. Modern and cute teething toys for Gabrielle? Cool!

"What is this GREEN STUFF?" - Every Canadian baby in spring (Teether- Tiny Inspirations)
Little did I know Gabrielle would like this wooden and silicone ring so much that I'd end up bringing it everywhere. So far this ring has visited three provinces and been picked up by a friend from a restaurant where I left it attached to a high chair... then panicked because Gabrielle LOVES it (Thanks Ashley! Best friend ever). 

But back the website. I was hooked on the cookie teether that looks like an Oreo and both my kids are obsessed with it.

Om nom nom
I love that the attachment stays put through Gabrielle's escapades and that I can also attach her pacifier to the cord. Score!
Breaking me of this when I'm 14 is going to be interesting...

Then I realized that Erica makes gorgeous JEWELLERY.. Ummm sold. Tiny Inspirations carries the cutest necklaces for kids that double as teethers. 

As evidenced by this little diva princess who only wears what she LOVES and has claimed this one FOREVER.

I wear a lot of necklaces and Gabrielle usually ends up breaking them or gnawing on them while I envision all the harmful lead or metals she's consuming. I've been wearing the Brooke basically non-stop since I received it (I do take it off to shower but you don't need to know how infrequently that's been happening)

Gabrielle loves it because she is fooled into thinking she is destroying my property.
SUCKER. Oh wait. I didn't sleep last night. I'm the sucker.
And I love it because it goes with everything. When I find an accessory I can wear with different outfits, it immediately becomes a staple in my closet (because #lifehack and also #lazy)

I can dress it up...

What do you wear in the backyard? Just kidding. I was headed out with the ladies.

And I can dress it down.

I love the neutral pink and wood of The Brooke!

And don't tell Emily, but I've stolen hers too once or twice... 

I love that the adult necklaces match the kids' versions and I'm going to be pairing ours for a Mommy and Me photo shoot soon!

 Here are a few of my current necklace faves...
Tiny Inspirations

A gorgeous necklace from Tiny Inspirations is my top pick for a Mother's Day present for a new or expecting mom. 

It's thoughtful, practical and pretty and I love that it doubles as a baby gift that won't break the bank! Bonus? Tiny Inspirations is offering YOU a 15% discount on their amazing teething accessories if you use the code GRUMBLINGGRACE! Plus, a portion of every sale goes to the Children's Wish Foundation, which is basically just amazing. I hope to see you enjoying your very own new accessory soon!

This post is sponsored by Tiny Inspirations but is only and always my honest opinion.

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