Friday, 18 March 2016

Wear it All - Week 5 { Random Nonsense Alert }

Helllooooo weekend. Well almost. 

You may have noticed that the Wear it All post was MIA last week. If you've been following along, you know I'm working to not spend money (gulp) and to wear everything in my closet as part of downsizing and minimizing the STUFF in my life.

Last week felt like a little bit of a write-off in a few different ways: 
  • I really tried to choose to love winter this year and it's been really mild compared to usual, but I'm solar powered so by the beginning of March, I was just about ready to take a blowtorch to the snow. 
  • Sleep. I miss sleep. Gabrielle is just about the happiest baby in the entire world but she is honestly bionic.
  • I've been trying to sort out a balance between family, life and the social media side of blogging. 

So this week I've been trying to do a few things to offset the BLAHS. 
  • I've been getting back into exercising (with much moaning and complaining) and a friend gave me a great deal on a Fitbit so once I remember to actually wear it all the time, I am excited to see if that increases my motivation to get moving. 
  • I've been scheduling blocks of time to focus on blogging to be more present with my girls the rest of the time. Thank goodness somebody blogged about this already... Brilliant!
  • I've been working to go to bed as consistently early as I can and getting up earlier to make quiet time with God a priority. 

Whoooa. I am an exciting person, you guys. This stage of life is all glamour all the time.
Why yes, that is sarcasm!
So here's the deal. I think starting next week, I'm just going to compile the "what I'm wearing" stuff into the Wednesday Style Perspectives challenge with the Blended Blog. It's been so much fun seeing what all the ladies are styling, so I'm going to use the prompt each week as inspiration for my weekly outfits. Next Wednesday's prompt is "Styling a Patterned Blouse with Neutrals" and I thought, boy that's not very catchy. Who came up with that one? Oh yeah. That would be me... Ha!

Note to self: Vivienne, my washing machine has been doing her job. Now to put all the clothes AWAY in the closet or actually on my person.

In the meantime, rather than try to frantically sort through all my laundry to find the outfits I wore (since of course I forgot to take photos of them all), I'm going to give you a compilation of this week's "style" in photos from my phone. This could be an interesting foray into the knotted ball of yarn that is my mind. 

Here we go.

"I'm wearing lipstick but I can't even bother to get you dressed." The week is starting off well.

Why does my hair look so awful?

Because I was apparently using body lotion as deep conditioner. Mystery solved, Sherlock.

Pre "EUREKA" moment. Sadly considering the frizzy hair, consoled by cute shoes, nice weather and being at my sister's house.

FLASHBACK to being alone in the bathroom (#blessed). This outfit is excellent. I think it's Nathan's t-shirt.

Back to the happy shoes. No snow. Spring is here! Yay! Hope! (That's foreshadowing for disaster)

As showcased in this photo, I'm wearing workout gear because I went running once. Yup, once this whole calendar year. This girl is on fire... Gabs sort of LOOKS on fire but she's okay now.

This might be my most popular post on Instagram so that's ummm... good? I call it "Morning Beauty." As you can tell by the photo on the right, on Sunday I perfected the art of the last minute dash. As prominently featured, I wore a button-down teal blouse with a burgundy cardigan and wedges, paired with pajama leggings. Gabrielle's dress was on backward but she sure looked darling. As mentioned on Instagram, my spiritual gift is helping others feel good about their parenting.  Hey, Judgy Judith, we made it to church, okay? (I apologize if your name is Judith. Judith is a nice name. I apologize for pairing it with the word "judgy." Every Judith I've ever met has been open-minded).

I don't think I actually wore "clothes" on Monday but I did hang out in my basement with a maniacal toddler, so dungeon wear seemed appropriate. 

On Tuesday, Gabs gibbered, "Yay for fun mail from Malyn Logic!"

Although you might not be able to tell from whatever is happening with my face in this stunning montage, I love this new shirt from Malyn Logic. Whoops. Added a shirt to the closet. Minus 10 points for Gryffindor.

I love mail. Especially mail that tells me how to behave. 
On Wednesday, I pretended it wasn't snowing and sleeting and generally very un-springy outside.
Twice. I pretended that twice. 
Wearing grown-up clothes was so overwhelming it resulted in a migraine. Here I was feeling like a unicorn's behind... or rather, feeling a unicorn's behind as I napped. Okay. That sentence isn't getting any better.
... Deep Thoughts. 
Question: How many days in a row can I wear my new favourite shirt? Answer: As many days as it takes to wash my hair again!

Sneak peek at next week's 'PATTERNED BLOUSE' for the Wednesday style challenge. Gabrielle is also rocking a patterned blouse and we're both emanating "Eau de Spit-Up."
Nothing like a catch-up with a friend (Hey! It's the dynamic and darling diva Deena from Shoes to Shiraz) to brighten up a dreary snowy week! Huddle for heat and carry on!

Happy St Patrick's Day! I expressed my love for all things green and leprechauny (and harped on my heritage) over on my Facebook page.

Tell me I'm not the only one with this many strange photos on my phone. Do I need therapy? And hey! How was YOUR week? 

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