Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Style Perspectives - Wrapping Up in Transitional Layers

Today is the first Wednesday link-up of Style Perspectives and I am so excited to see how everyone puts together their outdoor looks.

It's still pretty chilly here in Canada and I'll be honest about wraps. I can't figure out the super cool-mom baby-carrying wraps and I can barely style a scarf, but I DO love a wrap jacket, fun coats and layers that smooth out the extra layer I've been carrying around the middle. (Am I the only one?) 

Here's an exclusive fashion trick: Find a great cut, pattern, or colour that will distract EVERYONE from the fact that you forgot accessories decided to go minimalist chic.

Disclaimer: As per usual, my photos are all real-life... I'm a mom. Photo cred to my awesome sister for the photos where you can actually see details like MY FACE.

Here are my top four favourite winter to spring transitional layers that are easy and lazy (my two style requirements). 

I love wrap jackets and this kimono jacket is fantastic because it has enough detail that you barely need accessories. A fun pattern gives it a "blanket scarf" type look without the hassle and with a lot more warmth. Throw on a neutral purse, a pair of jeans and some fun booties and you're set for a night out or a casual day date!
PLAID. I love plaid. This might not seem like a 'spring' look anywhere but Canada. Siberia, maybe? As a Canadian, it's my patriotic duty to look like a lumberjack at all times. Open or closed, this jacket pairs well with jeans (hello Mom uniform), casual boots, a toque (that's a winter hat, American friends) and mitts.

I have been absolutely loving neutrals this year and when I received my birthday coat (not to be confused with my birthday suit), I couldn't have been more excited. Three ways to wear it (1. Star Trek 2. I ate too much lunch and 3. Bathrobe) make it versatile, comfortable and stylish. Here I've paired it with a monochromatic black: a crepe t-shirt, wide leg trousers, and black pumps.

Last but not least, I absolutely love this belted vest. I wear it over everything from sweaters to hoodies to long sleeved tops and it's fitted enough to be flattering, but loose enough to be completely comfortable. It's the perfect layer for spring... which I have to believe will arrive here one day.

Are you styling a wrap or some gorgeous outer layers today? Make sure to tag your selfie with #theblendedblogstyle on social media or just post your look below! Can't wait to check them out. 

Then make sure you head over to The Blended Blog today to see how Leslie, the library-lovin'-lady from Once Upon a Time & Happily Ever After styles her wrap!

 If you weren't in on the fun this week, no problem! The next link-up and style challenge is next Wednesday, styling 'Shades of Pink'!

14 bloggers each picked a look that defined their personal style.  
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