Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Style Perspectives - Spring Styling White Pants

Oh my goodness, you guys. How much fun was last week's Shades of Pink challenge? I loved checking out all the ladies in the link-up, Lisa's pops of colour and following all the Instagram fun. Here are the last week's looks from the ladies of the Blended Blog:

I may want to move to California and steal Sarah's gorgeous skirt. Both of these seem like doable life goals.

But today on Style Perspectives, let's talk WHITE PANTS. 

What do you think? Are you a stickler for waiting till the end of May to pull out your white skirts, pants and shorts? Do you pack them up after Labour Day? 

Since I'm in a chillier part of the world, I'm usually not too tempted to be in my spring wear until May anyway, but I've definitely made a conscious decision to incorporate my white jeans into my all-year-round wardrobe... and not just because I'm not buying any clothes right now! I really think white looks fantastic even in winter... which is good because that's the weather we've just received this week. Oh March, you sneaky sneaky month.

As a mom of two little ladies, wearing white is always sort of like wandering innocently through a paintball course but I like to live on the edge. In the hope of spring, I decided to style my white jeans two ways... The first for ideal spring conditions and the second for the reality of SASKATCHEWAN, Canada. 

But first, a few casual observations: 

1. When I gain ten pounds, it goes straight to my white pants. I believe there was a song about us bottom-heavy ladies? Something about the world going around... I digress.

2. COLOUR. All the colour. C'mon spring. I am ready for you.

3. Using conditioner in your hair rather than body lotion significantly increases your chance of a good hair day. (Long story, same colour of lid on the containers, I'm blind as a bat). MOVING ON. 

(UN)wisely yet winningly wearing white:

For once I am glad for the mediocre photo skills. Can you see my lack of pedicure? I thought not. #winning

Wearily willing winter to wish away while wearing white:

I like all things nautical so navy & white stripes aren't exiting my closet anytime soon. Stay warm, friends.

I bought my white pants two years ago at Costco for $9.99 and I spied some very similar ones there the other day. Yay for non-see-through deals! Make sure to head over to The Blended Blog to see how Sarah's styling her white pants (sorry British friends, TROUSERS. It's not that kind of blog). 

If you weren't in on the fun this week, no problem! The next link-up and style challenge is next Wednesday, where I'll be over at The Blended Blog styling a patterned blouse with neutrals! Trust me, patterns are a mom's best friend since they hide spit-up, snot, and sneezed baby food. Hypothetically. 

I can't wait to see your looks! Here's the full calendar and the ladies of The Blended Blog. Make sure to link-up below and check out all the fun!

14 bloggers each picked a look that defined their personal style.  
Each week, the featured blogger on the Blended Blog showcases her signature style and the other ladies interpret it on their own blogs. 

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